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Sep 24, 2008 07:48 AM

Fort Greene Delivery Options

I've been living on Fulton near Carlton for 4 years and my delivery options are somewhat old and perhaps staid.

Here is where I regularly get delivery from. Please post if you have any suggestions for improvement/alternatives.

- Vegetarian Palate on Flatbush (should be noted that I only ever order 4 things: dumplings, crispy nuggets, veggie chicken w/celery, wonton soup). This is the only kind of Chinese food in the neighborhood that I have found to be tolerable at all.
- Joy on Flatbush - Indian. (Ordered last night, found somewhat lacking, but still good; like the Mixed Grill, Palak Paneer, )
- La Stalla on myrtle (fka Los Pollitos III) - roast chicken, avocado salad
- Castro's on myrtle - Burritos and Tacos, nuff said.
- Taro - rare sushi deliveries (much prefer visiting the bar)
- Zaytoons - occasional for Middle Eastern (Myrtle branch)
- Fulton Thai - meh for thai but it's close.

Would love to get any better Thai solution, deli suggestions, general delivery (or close takeout) reviews from hounds.


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