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Sep 24, 2008 07:36 AM

cookout grill on 14th st

can anyone tell me whats on their menu and where i can find a menu. i cant find one online. is it any good?

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  1. I think the place you're thinking of is on 13th (the old Popeye's) and 1st. I walked by last night and they still had the paper up on the windows -- not open.

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    1. re: Sugar

      Strange--I walked by it on Saturday (the 20th) at lunchtime and it was open.

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        @Sugar: Nope, it's on W. 14th, according to Eater. No luck finding an online menu, though.

      2. I live right by the location stated in Eater, but have yet to see it. Maybe some day the scales will fall from my eyes --

        1. I live right there. Its open. The other day they were passing out samples of the chicken and burgers and giving out menus. I tried the chicken and it was really good. Although, after living in DC for years, I'm spoiled when it comes to Peruvian rotisserie chicken type meals, they are on every corner in the DC suburbs. It was good but it wasn't home.

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              the only one i know about it on 14th st betw 7th and 8th. closer to 7th. where the ol 99 cent store used to be

          1. Went for lunch yesterday. Think Boston Market with fewer options.

            It struck me as the sort of place that came up with the name first then threw a menu together to try to match it. They spent a ton of money on making the place look sleek, and have about 10 things on the menu. They specialize in chicken, fire-roasted on a spit. The chicken was good - but it wasn't anything to build a restaurant around.

            As for everything else they cook, there is no "Grill" other than the flat top that you'd see at any lunch spot.

            I will say that the fries were excellent - but that's about it.