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Sep 24, 2008 07:26 AM

(Okinawan or Italian) + Romantic = ?

I'm hoping for some quick advice, I need to make dinner reservations at a 'romantic place' for Friday evening. I'd prefer something delicious, but if there are any places with amazing atmosphere and mediocre food, she'd be overjoyed.

Italian or Okinawan would be best, but anything is acceptable. no more than 15,000 a person including drinks. Any recommendations? and thanks a ton in advance.

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  1. There's a great okinawan restaurant in Shibuya. Can't remember the name exactly but it's a minimal, trendy, fairly modern Izakaya sort of place with cozy booth areas. Really interesting dishes and you can enjoy the likes of awamori (okinanwan shochu).
    Prices are fairly reasonable too.

    There are 3 listed on, but it's none of them. maybe someone else knows.

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    1. re: foreignmuck

      How's the ambience? For reference: I took her to Arabian Rock and it's now her favorite restaurant because of the 'alladin' music and decor. Food just isn't that important to her, unfortunately for me!

      1. re: lost squirrel

        It sounds like a waste to take your friend someplace where the food matters. Is La Boheme too ketchi? Some of them have quite nice decor. The only Okinawan places I know are pretty raucous.

        Why is it so hard to meet a partner for whom good food is of paramount importance? Good luck.

        1. re: steamer

          Maybe so, but I do get to eat there as well! That's one reason for picking someplace tasty, and eventually her taste buds might start getting used to the good stuff... one can only hope!

          If La Boheme is anything like Zest, I'd rather not subject myself to it anymore than necessary.

          I think Bongout Noh or maybe Cicada, they have the pasta for her and the more interesting things for me.

          1. re: lost squirrel

            Not as bad as zest or monsoon but no great shakes either, If you can get away with Bongout Noh you've got it whipped.