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Sep 24, 2008 07:13 AM

Gots Me a Gift C for Wine and Tapas Bar C

I sent in an email to "Japan Up" magazine (Free! at Gelson's) and, lo and behold!- in the mail came a card giving me $25 at Wine and Tapas Bar C. Yeeha! Free stuff!

I know I won't get far on THAT, but what should I try for? beyond sexy waitresses in teeny outfits which will thrill my husband and do nothing for me, are there any dishes that pass muster?

Should I just use it for wine and then go nuts on red bean puffy things in the Village Square and Mochi from the over 100 year old shop?

Should I move on to an Izakaya?

Don't tell me to go next door to Sushi gen, I just am not wild about it.

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  1. I am a fan of Tapas and Wine Bar C. I like the food, and have done a review with pics, search the board.

    I loved the sashimi ceviche, sashimi salad, adored the proscuitto plate...and the beef tataki. The egg custard came out so hot it burned my tongue and I couldn't taste it, so no definitive answer there. And was lukewarm on the pasta.

    You COULD have a few nibbles and some wine at Bar C, then go over the Izayoi across the street and eat and drink some many options at that food corner of the universe.