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Sep 24, 2008 07:13 AM

Gots Me a Gift C for Wine and Tapas Bar C

I sent in an email to "Japan Up" magazine (Free! at Gelson's) and, lo and behold!- in the mail came a card giving me $25 at Wine and Tapas Bar C. Yeeha! Free stuff!

I know I won't get far on THAT, but what should I try for? beyond sexy waitresses in teeny outfits which will thrill my husband and do nothing for me, are there any dishes that pass muster?

Should I just use it for wine and then go nuts on red bean puffy things in the Village Square and Mochi from the over 100 year old shop?

Should I move on to an Izakaya?

Don't tell me to go next door to Sushi gen, I just am not wild about it.

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  1. I am a fan of Tapas and Wine Bar C. I like the food, and have done a review with pics, search the board.

    I loved the sashimi ceviche, sashimi salad, adored the proscuitto plate...and the beef tataki. The egg custard came out so hot it burned my tongue and I couldn't taste it, so no definitive answer there. And was lukewarm on the pasta.

    You COULD have a few nibbles and some wine at Bar C, then go over the Izayoi across the street and eat and drink some more....so many options at that food corner of the universe.