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Sep 24, 2008 07:00 AM

Blue Fin Toro @ Kokyo

The GF and I went to Kokyo Sushi at Yonge/Alexander last Friday night, randomly, and noticed they had Blue Fin Tuna in (wild blue fin, I may add). Just before that supply ran out, in just under 2 days, we snagged a couple pieces of otoro. Good God, what have I been missing out on?!?! I would eat a whole plate of that stuff every week if I could afford it and if it were available to me.

Anyways, they said - not surprisingly - they only get it in a few times a year but the next would be on a weekend before christmas sometime.

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  1. There are different kinds of blue fin, from good to bad quality, where is that blue fin from ? A piece of wild blue fin toro that is caught in Japan costs more than $20 even if you have it in Japan FYI. How much is the one you are having ?

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      The last time I was at Taro's they were taking photos of a guy carving up a 300lbs blue fin. I believe it came from the east coast somewhere, as the cashier told me, and they don't get it that often in that size. Not sure if it was for a party/special order or if they get it regularly.

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        I stopped in for a couple pieces of blue fin "o-toro" sashimi this summer at Kokyo when they had the sign up (around $10 for 2). I'm not sure where they are getting it, and at this price, it didn't bode well. I barely choked back one piece and gave the other to my friend. Very sinewy, wrong texture, wrong colour, and very little flavour. It may have been fresh, but I have no clue where it was from, and it was definitely on the low end of the quality scale. I've never had o-toro like this in Japan, so I'm not even sure if it was.

        Perhaps it is just the pieces we had that night, but I wouldn't go running back for it.

      2. I actually had this at Kokyo a few weeks ago, was around $10 for two pieces of sashimi. It was certainly quite tasty, but nowhere near the quality I've had in Vancouver and Japan.

        Got to say though that Kokyo is very good about having a chalkboard full of interesting specials almost nightly - at that price point, it's a good choice if you're smack dab in the middle of downtown. They redecorated too, very pleasant in there.

        1. I've been only once, I find their knife work needs improvement. PIeces are cut way too large, especially for sashimi. They need to be scaled down by at least 50%.

          I know people see big and automatically assume it's a great value, but for me, it's a turn off.