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Sep 24, 2008 06:29 AM

Grass Mountain Villa?

I was in Skymark Plaza (Don Mills and Finch) yesterday at the shoe repair and walked by this Chinese restaurant in the corner of the plaza. The name, I believe, was Grass Mountain Villa, and the place was large and PACKED. Do any of our Chinese restaurant experts out there have any experience with this place? What region(s) do they specialize in? How does it compare to the places in Markham?

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  1. Grass Mountain has been around for a bit; it use to stand out in its earlier days. Still decent place although it been more than a year since I was last there, Increasing competition from Markham & Scarborough has made it more of a "local" restaurant which as you noted still gives them plenty of dining room traffic, many from the near-by high-rise condos. Cuisine is predominately Cantonese and is comparable in quality to many in Scarborough/Markham....Near-by comparable competition are Elegantview and Empire, both off of Victoria Park....with Spring Villa and Sam Woo a bit further away. All do lunch dim sum.

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      We do go to Grass Mountain occasionally, and it is pretty good.
      We prefer Elegantview, but it is very nice for a change of pace.
      Again the English menu is not complete, and they are not too happy to explain the specials.
      We had an excellent lamb hot pot this winter, only because we noticed other tables were having the same.
      The server actually tried to talk us out of it.
      This is typical of many restaurants unfortunately.
      I do recommend it.

    2. Typical Cantonese restaurant that is found in Toronto. Good food and price, comparable to places in Markham. They have some good value dinner set which includes Peking duck and lobster for 6 people with quite big portion.

      In that plaza, there is another one called "Fantaxia" which also serves more or less cantonese food, which you can call them in advance and give them a budget (say $25 per person), then they will come up with a customized menu for you, good if you have a group of 6+ going together. Food there is more health conscious with less oil and less msg used and a relatively mild flavour. The "4-treasure" soup there is excellent !

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        What else have you had at "Fantaxia"? What's good there?

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          What is good.... The steamed whole crab in egg white with minced spinach thick sauce is great too !

      2. Thanks very much for the info, everyone! Sounds like a good spot to pop in for dim sum the next time I'm heading to the shoe repair store.

        1. Definately a solid choice, but I've never been there for dim sum so not sure the quality there. I've been there many times over the years, definately known for a good value Peking duck meal which is consistent even after many years.

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