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Sep 24, 2008 06:17 AM

Anniversary Dinner Chinese Restaurant?

I'm thinking of going to Lai Toh Heen for my fifth anniversary dinner. But I've read some of the reviews and thought I would ask you fellow chowhounds for advice for a nice reasonable price chinese restaurant to celebrate. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. It might not have the same higher end selections that LTH has, but E-Pan on Spadina is a very nice restaurant on Spadina (north of Dundas, east side), and I think you'd be very pleased with the bill afterwards.

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      Thanks, for the suggestions but I was looking for something closer to markham/richmond hill area.

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        Since so many are recommending O-Mei, I'm going to recommend Ambassador, one block farther east. Not that there's anything at all wrong with O-Mei, but I find the decor, service, and attention at Ambassador superior. (Ambassador's light and airy while O-Mei's darker and crowded; at Ambassador, waiters serve the initial portion to you, while at O-Mei, even when we ordered the $200 lobster four ways, dishes were just plunked onto the table; at O-Mei, we had to flag the waiters down repeatedly to get refills on our kids' drinks, while at Ambassador they asked before the kids even finished.) Call ahead, and tell them it's your anniversary - you'll be treated very well. Their Peking Duck is superb, and it can be quite romantic to feed each other the pancakes. Add in some fresh seafood, and you'll be quite happy with both the meal and the cheque.

        (You'll have leftovers; take them home, they're quite good the next day.)

    2. I went to O-Mei (Highway7) via Charles Yu's recommendation. Impeccable food, clean, and good service. Omei seems cater towards large banquets but I am sure if you call ahead and tell them it's for your anniversary, they would be better to help you with ordering.

      Also the price is very reasonable for what it offers.

      1. Is it only the 2 of you celebrating ? I won't recommend you go to Omei if it is the only 2 of you going.

        Lai Toh Heen should fit the occasion with its atmosphere, service and food quality. Right now, they have a Wagyu special menu going on there featuring Japanese (A4/A5) wagyu and Australian wagyu. There is a dish of pan fried australian wagyu strips with black truffle on top. Reserve a table in the front section with the higher ceiling, it is great !

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          I do agree with skylineR33's LTH recommendation for a more romantic evening..

          However, if you really want to try O'mei, you can still do a 'downsize' lobster approach. Last time, when a foodie friend from Japan came, the two of us went and had the following::
          - A mini casserole of 'Buddha jump over wall' soup each
          - Poached live fresh west coast spotted prawns, about 1 lb.
          - Stir fried house special 2.5 lbs lobster.
          - Stir fried Chinese broccoli with diced dried flounder and Chinese mushrooms.
          - Plain rice
          - Complimentary desserts
          Food was yummy and we were stuffed!

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              Thank-you for the responding. I've read a lot of posts on the chowhound blog and really do appreciate your recommendations, Charles. I am definitely going to give O'mei a try since the food sounds so good. T


          1. I would like to thank everyone who respond to my postings. Your suggestions really help. I have yet to decide where to go as of yet but I'm definitely going to try all your suggestions out when I go out dining. Thank-you, again for all your suggestions.