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Sep 24, 2008 05:31 AM

Mexican Restaurant, Hancock, Me.

Although I live in a rural area of Maine, I live at the gateway to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. I wanted to give a heads up about this place for those driving through Ellsworth; it is six miles north of town and, I feel, worth the detour.
I had lunch yesterday at my favorite north east Mexican restaurant, ironically called Mexican Restaurant (116 US Hwy #1, Hancock, Me., 207 422 6285, closed Sundays), owned and operated by Hondurans. The food is freshly prepared, a diverse menu, and of good value. I had the a taco al pastor, a Mexican and a Hinduran tamale and Chiles Rellanos. (I was hungry.) The taco al pastor was not what I expected and I got into a discussion in Spanglish with the owner/waitress/cook. She told me they were ordering a trompo machine (like a gyro spit) in order to make "authentic" (correct usage here) al pastor meat.
The Mexican tamale ($2.99) filled with red chile and pork was just like I used to make w/ my brother's Hispanic in-laws in New Mexico. The Honduran tamale is new to me, but was a tasty combination chicken, pork, green peas, beans wrapped in a banana leaf. The Chilles Rellanos plate was substantial for $7.99. A big cheese and meat stuffed poblano w/ a crispy fried dough crust covered w/ a spicy tomato sauce with a sprinkle of cheese , and with sides of refried beans, rice and warm corn tortillas (The menu: "chile azado con carne desebrada, picado o pato, and cheese, arroz, frijoles y tortilla").
I have enjoyed their menudo and they also have the similar mondrango.They have very good specialty plates Pollo Asado, Milanesa, Mojarra Frita (tilapia), Plato Montaro ("carne azada, con chicarron, huevo, platanos frito, frijoles y arros"), carnitas Lobster Fajita,a good selection of tacos, burritos, empanadas, huarches, shrimp dishes, tostadas, tortas, quesadillas (including a lobster one for $6.99) and a small dessert list (flan, chocolate torte, rice pudding, natilla). The restaurant is located in a huge log building housing motorcycle sales and decorated w/ tacky Mexican tourist stuff. No alcohol served (BYOB), the natural lemonade is excellent and they have Mexican canned & bottled beverages.
Bien Provecho!
Marco Gordito

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  1. Thanks for the report--we kept driving by this place and the idea of Maine Mexican food scared me. Or maybe it was the motorcycle shop next door. Great to know real Latinos have infiltrated as far north as Hancock!

    1. Hey, Mark, thanks for the tip! No our usual stomping grounds, so it's always nice to know about a potential diversion for chow.

      1. I always stop here, whenever in the area. It's a real treat. BUT the hours can be flukey. It's family owned and operated, and sometimes family members can't get there so even though it's supposed to be open, it's not. So call, before making a special trip. It is worth the effort though. One other caveat: THe first time we went, we ordered four different plates, each about $3 or $4, figuring they'd be tiny. Wrong. Huge amount of food. Go easy, you can always order more;. Also it's made to order, so expect to wait a bit, especially if it's busy. Really good salsa and home made chips, though.

        1. Oh, yes! I forgot. Fresh fried tortilla chips an ok salsa for free when seated! Whoooo Weee, just like back in New Mex.

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            Went back to the Mexican Restaurant yesterday w/ my son who spent the last year in Costa Rica. We found out the wife is Honduran and the husband Mexican ( w/ a daughter in med school in Honduras), hence the Hondo/Mex fusion in the extensive menu. I had the Plato Montereo (carne asada,chicharron, fried egg and platano (plantain), refried beans and rice, w/ a guacamole for$8.99. Michael went Central w/ a Honduran tamale, a lengua huarche, a carne asada mulita and an al pastor gordita. We shared, everything was freshly prepared, tasty, and w/ generous portions. We washed it all down w/ a fresh lemonade and a Tamarindo. For dessert we hiked Schoodic Mtn. w/ the pooch.

            1. re: Passadumkeg

              Does it hep if you habla Espanol? Great review.... You smooth talker! Wished I could get up and try it. Tener un buen fin de semana, amigo!

          2. I know I'm late to this party...but please tell me that this place is still open. I'm considering a road trip next weekend....specifically to go here.

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              Yup, still open. Wonderful people. Just don't build yourself up too much, we are in Vacation Land!