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Sep 17, 2003 09:29 PM

Low-key party restaurants

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can anyone recommend a nice, low-key, affordable restaurant to host a birthday party of about 40-50 people in the general L.A. area? I'm looking for something that will be tasty and affordable and FUN but not "Hollywood trendy." So Ed Debevic's, Bucca di Beppo, etc are no-go's. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hmm. I don't believe I've ever encountered 'Ed Debevic', 'Bucca di Beppo', and 'Hollywood trendy' in the same sentence. Could you perhaps name a restaurant or two that compare favorably to what you are looking for?

    1. C&O's Tratorria in MDR. Food isn't exactly great, but their roasted chicken is good. Decent breadrolls. I dunno if they take reservations, but a few years ago, I went to a b-day party for about 30 or 40 people and it was a good time.

      1. Try either El Cholo (one in Santa Monica, the other closer to Downtown on Western, I think) or El Coyote on Beverly.

        They are both extremely moderately priced and can handle large groups comfortably.

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          We held a party for 35 people at the El Cholo in Pasadena, and it was perfect. They set aside one side of their upstairs area for us, and we were allowed to order off of the regular menu. (A lot of places have set party-menus that they require for parties of 15 or more)

          If you don't mind a set party-menu, Monsoon Cafe in Santa Monica is a great choice. I am still determined to find a reason to throw a party there :D

        2. PASTINA has been my favorite choice for 20-50 people parties. Good Food , Service, Price.

          1. Caroussel on Hollywood Blvd (near Normandie) - great food (Armenian) and they have a lot of huge parties. I'm sure, given enough notice, you could host a party of that size here. And, the birthday song and candle will knock your socks off.