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Sep 24, 2008 04:34 AM

Lemongrass Asian Bistro in Columbus

Will be in Columbus overnight next month for a concert on a Monday night. The online menu for Lemongrass looks good. Do you recommend it? If not, please recommend some places that are an easy communte to/from the Southern Theater. Thanks for your help.

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  1. One of the most overrated places in Columbus, IMHO. I highly recommend checking out other dining options in the Short North area instead (like Haiku, Northstar Cafe, and RJ Snappers) instead.

    That said, any good recs for Pan-Asian places in the 419??

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      Thank you for steering me clear of Lemongrass. Both RJ Snappers and Rigsby's look promising. I plan to make reservations so that we can make the show on time. As for Pan-Asian places in 419, I haven't been to any and only know of one. It's called Tea Tree Asian Bistro in Perrysburg and I hear good things about it. It's on my must-try list. Uhockey is correct. It's slim pickin's around here. Diva is gone. Harissa at the Oliver House was excellent the one time I was there. I fear that it won't be around long because it's only open on Friday and Saturday nights. Unfortunately, the most recent health department restaurant inspection for the entire Oliver House complex was not good. All hope is not lost as the owners of Petit Fours Patisserie & Cafe of Perrysburg will be taking over the management at the Oliver House and opening its new restaurant on-site.

      1. re: J in Toledo

        The loss of Diva is/was tragic.
        Has Fifi's reopened its doors yet?

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          Thanks for the heads-up on Tea Tree; I'll have to check it out the next time I make it out to Levis Commons.

      2. I totally agree with City gal.....Haiku or Typhoon maybe. You have got to check out the North Market (many food stalls and produce) while in town it's across the street from Typhoon

        1. Haiku is definitely better than Lemongrass.

          Others in Short North:
          -Bar of Modern Art for contemporary American and fusion
          -L'Antibes for French
          -Betty's for pub grub
          -Rosendale's if you want to splurge for an expensive and exciting contemporary American meal
          Dessert at Jeni's Ice Cream. Crazy but good flavors.

          Or instead of the Short North, you could go to Lindey's in German Village, an equal distance away. Everything is around $20 and honestly everything on the menu is excellent.

          I wouldn't go to North Star or the North Market except for lunch. Both are good but seem to be vastly overrated on this board.

          1. I've never been to Lemongrass, but there is no way it is worse than Haiku. Haiku's popularity is college kids with no concept of what fresh sushi really is. Kooma, Nidas, and even Typhoon do that genre better.

            For other (much better) options in the Short North, my strongest recommendation would be for Rigsby's....there is a reason they are ALWAYS in Cbus' top 10. Rosendales is another wonderful restaurant. BoMA (Bar of Modern Art) is great, but nowhere near the short north.

            I've heard great things about L'Antibes, and if you're looking for good desserts there is always Jeni's.

            As for the question re: good Pan-Asian in Toledo......wouldn't that entail Toledo having good restaurants?

            1. HA, are you implying something, Uhockey? :D

              And J in Toledo, if you do end up giving Lemongrass a try, watch out for those plastic chairs!

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              1. re: CityGal

                Cultural/Culinary implying. :-)

                Museum/Zoo/Crosby Gardens plus Uncle Johns Chocolate Pancakes are exceptions. Ciao ain't bad either.