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Sep 24, 2008 03:34 AM

Take-Out for 10, within 20 of Chestnut Hill

Within the next month or two, I am seeking to feed take-out dinner to 10 people for about $150. The take-out has to be within 15 to 20 minutes of Chestnut Hill. In the past I have gotten food from Blue Ribbon BBQ in West Newton and from Arax in Watertown. I would be happy to use either again, but I am hoping to try something new.

The closest possible is Oishii, but I fear that $150 would not buy enough sushi to offer a full meal. Baker's Dozen is worth a call since their platters can be quite good, but I don't know their prices.

Has anybody tried Athan's (sp.?) in Brighton, the cheaper offshoot of the pastry shop on Beacon St? Pizza is always an option, but that is booring and the best pizzas often deteriorate in the transport.

Any suggestions? Any experience with the Brighton Athans?

I am hoping that there might be some unusual Chinese. Sichuan Garden's comes to mind, but that might be too adventurous and spicy for this crowd. Family Restaurant is another idea, but I was disappointed by an okra and lamb dish I had there last week.

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  1. Baker's Best came to my mind first, we've used them quite a bit for office lunches and they are good. Also Citrio right across the street from there might work.

    1. If you want sushi, SuperFusion in Washington Sq. could probably come in under your $150. for platters ordered ahead.

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        Golden Temple on Boylston, some of the best chinese in the area.

      2. la rotisserie? maybe not enough variety for 10?

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          La Ro is a possibility, but it strikes me that many of their dishes, notably the ribs, and the sides, are an inferior version of Blue Ribbon BBQ. Though I think their chicken is better.

        2. For less adventurous but excellent fresh Chinese food try Bernards in the Chestnut Hill Mall. Also, Kouzina in Waban has a take out menu. Resonable very good food- a modern twist on some Greek dishes, interesting salads and some pizzas.

          1. You also might try Comella's in West Newton. Delicious red sauce Italian food with huge portions... for $150 you could feed 20!