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Sep 23, 2008 09:54 PM

Cairo Bright Ideas?

I will be there for a week, please help.

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  1. Cairo is huge, so it might help to know where you will be staying. Check out, which is a site from which you can order take-out, but it is also helpful since you can browse by area of the city and check out the menus for some of the restaurants in the area you will be dining. We loved Le Pasha, which is a boat in the Nile anchored in Gazira that has about 5 different restaurants on it. It is pricy, however. One of the great things to do is to find the local Koshari restaurant and have that. Also a fuul stand for breakfast. First stop, however, is the pharmacy, where you will be wise to purchase a packet of Antinol (about 95 cents for a pack of 12 capsules). Antinol is an intestinal disinfectant, and is very effect against King Tut's trots, or any other distress you might find yourself in. Overall, you will find that the dining scene in Cairo is not very Chow-ish, but that it is possible to eat well and cheaply.

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      Any suggestions for places with character and good food would be great.Thanks.

    2. hey there, hope you have a great visit, can you give some more info on what you are looking for . . . fine dining, local favorites, cheap, egyptian food, lebanese, international???

      cairo doesn't have a great selection of restaurants but there are some decent places, but it really depends on what you are looking for and where you will be located.

      1. i'm in cairo now for a few weeks and so far have only had OK luck with the food - i've eaten at a number of koushary places that were good, had a not-great dinner at l'aubergine in zamalek, and an OK dinner at the italian place connected to the italian embassy. alyssay, can you recommend any good egyptian or lebanese places? im staying in downtown. faim - if you find anything good, let me know!

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          hey Patz..if located in downtown then u propably know koshary eltahrir thw two branches
          if not then one is in Tahrir street and the other is in Talaat Harb street .. both are out of Tahrir square but the second one is in the end of talaat harb before a street called Shawarby street...
          u might look for an Egyptian pie in a shop near to the first koshary shop in tahrir street
          there's a egyptian fst food place in Kasr el Ayni street to the right from the AUC in Tahrir square also..
          i suggest u also give me ur location more specified to tell u what's the most near for u
          have a nice stay in Egypt!!