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Sep 23, 2008 07:41 PM

Trends Restaurant on Staten Island

Has anyone been there? I have heard some great things about it but can't find a website or menu anywhere. They have one location in great kills and have just taken over the old Elm Park Inn on the North Shore. I heard they have some really great eclectic American dishes which is just what I love to enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. steakrules
    A lot of people like this place. I've been twice. I was not nearly as impressed as many others seem to be, but I eat out and food alone is not enough to earn high praise from me. Drawback #1 Whlie I thought the food was good, the noise level is outrageous! Maybe it's not always the case. The nights of both my visits, there were groups of very noisy women. The Great Kills location is pretty small. The tables are very close together. The decor is minimal, even sparse. There is essentially nothing to absorb sound.
    It is not at all condusive to having any sort of dinner conversation. That may not be something that bothers some people but it bothered me.
    #2 No parking lot and limited street parking. Again, might not matter to you.
    #3 NO RESERVATIONS! Not even for a larger party of 5 + people. With a place this small, this is a big inconvenience. You could end up waiting a couple of hours.
    The place is usually crowded and unless you get there by 5:30pm (forget about Lobster Special night), you'll have to stand outside as there is no lobby/bar/place to sit. There are no benches outside and they don't use pagers, so you just have to stand around. I have not yet been to the Elm Park location. They don't have a parking lot either and being located in a not so great area, Ii they don't take reservations chances are I won't bother.
    If you happen to hit it on a slow night, the food is good. I'd suggest having a "backup" choice. That's what we did and we ended up having a great dinner at another restaurant. If you do go to the new location, please post your experience. :-}

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    1. re: Tay

      What is the menu like? Do they have some great steaks on the menu? I heard its very eclectic type cuisine.

      1. re: steakrules85

        The menu was somewhat new American with a leaning toward IItalian. Tues night they have a Lobster special for under $20. I think Wed they offer a BBQ special. I had pasta. Sorry, I don't know about steak there.
        If you want to check out a pretty impressive steak (NOT PL's mind you, but a very hefty. well prepared steak) you might want to try the steak at Real Madrid. It's a Spanish restaurant, but many people rave about their huge (sirloin, I think) steak.
        I've never had it myself, but I can say they offer an outstanding Filet Mignon.
        As for well prepared, eclectic cuisine, THE place to go is the tiny, but incredible. Chez Laurant. I't's a full on bakery by day, an amazing restaurant by night. They offer both a tasting menu and a value priced Bistro menu. Laurent is really a Master Chef.

        1. re: Tay

          Thanks Tay. I called Trends to get a harried host on the phone. I asked him what knd of steak they had on the menu and he said " I can't go thru them all right now we are very busy- we have porterhouses, ribeyes...". I asked about prime rib and they don't offer it. Going to try it tonight will let u know what I think about it......hope its goods.

          1. re: steakrules85

            I didn't want to sound ultra cranky in my prevoius posts, but I wasn't spoken to very graciously either. I've seen it dozens of times. Eventually, the buzz will die down, they won't be the 'hot' place to go and Mgmt will regret not being more cordial to 'neighborhood' patrons. I'm glad Trends had the cut of steak you want. andI I hope you had a great meal.
            For me, the food is only one part of the dining experience so please share the details, EG: Service, attitude, etc. I'll look forward to your posting.. :-}

          2. re: Tay

            Laurent is at the SI south shore farmer's market (Sat & Sun). I will have to try his restaurant rel soon!

            1. re: blindowl

              "Laurent is at the SI south shore farmer's market (Sat & Sun). I will have to try his restaurant rel soon!"

              Are you referring to the Hylan Blvd/New Dorp Lane flea mkt or another location? What sort of food is he offering?

          3. re: steakrules85

            The new Trends has a web site with menu (linked from the below place page). The original doesn't, as far as I could tell.

            307 Nelson Ave, Staten Island, NY 10308

            238 Morningstar Rd, Staten Island, NY 10303

            1. re: squid kun

              We went yesterday and really liked it. Moderately priced and the menu as you can see is huge and very inventive! Unfortunately, my 24 oz. porterhouse wasn't anything special as I had to send it back. It was not cooked correctly. I ordered it bloody rare with a charred crust. It was cooked well done. The second steak that came back still wasn't rare enough but I didn't want to send it back again. Also there wasn't much of a crust. I definitely can make a better steak at home, however it was still a good meal. The fries that came with it were really good.

              My mom had the coconut chicken stuffed with pepper jack cheese, breaded with coconut, and kiwi reduction. Really tasty. My dad had the pork chop special stuffed with feta cheese and green olives. Also really good. Both entrees came with mashed potatoes and green beans. For dessert, we had a special- fried chimichangas filled wiht chocolate and peanut butter then topped with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon. Also delicious.

              I like this place- but for those looking for a great steak I would advise you not to order it. Go for one of the other items.

              As a side not- their appetizers all looked great but we didn't order any. They also had about 5 specials too which sounded great.

              Among the items I want to try- Stuffed sirloin burger, apricot glazed short ribs, blackened ribs, bavarian chicken and one of their many pork chops (there's like 7 lol).

              1. re: steakrules85

                Leave it to the brilliant Squid kun to track down the menu!
                I'm happy you were able to get a table., though sorry you weren't able to have a memorable steak experience. Some day you'll have to try the steak at Real Madrid Restaurant. It always looks sooooo good!

                1. re: Tay

                  Thanks Tay,

                  I definitely will keep it in mind. I have also heard that Carmen's does a great steak as well. 3 pounds! And there is a place called El Cid in Paramus which isn't too far away that is supposed to have amazing Prime Rib.

                  It is very hard to find a great steak without going to the city.. or of course Peter Luger.

                  1. re: steakrules85

                    If you're comfortable heading to Brooklyn, you'll probably really like the steak at Embers Restaurant. It's in Bay Ridge right over the Bridge. It's a major carnivore destination .
                    While I love going to Carmen's for drinks b/c the location is so nice, the mexican food I've had there has always been poor to mediocre. I much prefer the food at La Candela. on Amboy Rd.and the Sangria at Espana.
                    I've never seen anyone get steak at Carmen's. You'll have to let us know.

                    1. re: Tay

                      Ruddy & Dean is fine for red meat...

                      1. re: Flaco

                        I've never eaten there but the menu looks as though it's an excellent place for steak lovers... As usual, you come up with a great suggestion! :-}

              2. re: squid kun

                What happened to the menu? I knew it was on here but now it is gone damn.

                1. re: steakrules85

                  I don't have a link to the Hylan Blvd location but if it helps, here is the menu for Trends North, the site of the fomer Elm Park Inn.