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Sep 23, 2008 07:03 PM

Hamburger at Lion's Tap - OK [MSP]

Lunch was a double bacon cheeseburger at the Lion’s Tap in Eden Prairie. Jfood decided to try after many good posts about the burger and the long standing positive reviews in other sources. As an overview Jfood was a bit disappointed. First the positives. He really liked the place and the staff could not be friendlier, fantastic staff. He also really liked the texture of the hand patties. He understands on a good Saturday they can go through 500 pounds of meat and with 4 to the pound, they hand form 2,000 burgers. That’s a lot of burgers. They were also cooked very nicely. The downside that Jfood was not crazy about the bacon. Recommendation…do not order the bacon. It is waaaay too salty. Totally detracts from the burger. After one bite, Jfood took it off and threw away. Now he was left with a cheeseburger. The meat itself was not evenly seasoned. Some had a lot of their own brand of seasoning, some had little, if any. So the meat, the texture and the preparation were very good. The flavor due to the uneven seasoning, the bacon really took away from the burger. BTW – the French fries are nothing to write home about. Just some crinkle cuts in oil with no seasoning.

So two burgers so far in MSP and still looking.

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  1. I had my first one a couple weeks ago. I found them to be very average. I'll take the burger from my local hole in the wall bar and not travel 20 miles for a hurried, boring burger.

    1. For the Midwest curious and those using the Search function: Eden Prairie is near Minneapolis, MN. Here's a places link.

      Lions Tap Family Restaurant
      16180 Flying Cloud Dr, Eden Prairie, MN 55347

      1. For the record here is a photo of the Lion's Tap double hamburger (no bacon).

        1. I agree there isn't really anything spectacular about the Lion's Tap burgers, but they are great hangover food. Nice, basic burgers, always reliable. And could you refrain from referring to yourself in third person? Few things are more annoying...

          1. Try the burgers at the Mermaid in Mounds View. Just off of 35W and County Road H. My wife thought it was one of the best burgers she ever had.
            It's quite a facility with a motel, bowling alley, restaurant and a hall for weddings, etc. I was just there for a trade show and the food was outstanding.
            Side note: (My wife is from Iowa so it does not take too much to impress her. JUST KIDDING!!!!)

            Mermaid An American Grille
            2200 Highway 10, Saint Paul, MN 55112