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Sep 23, 2008 06:59 PM

Jfood returns to 112 Eatery - Still Fantastic [MSP]

This time Jfood was seated upstairs at the bar. The first floor was totally packed. It was sorta lonely as he was the only one seated until his entrée was delivered. The rest of the upstairs was 1/3 full. The room itself is very pretty, as nice as downstairs. Seating at an empty bar was not the best.

He ordered the sea scallops w/ oyster mushrooms as an appetizer, the stringozzi w/ lamb sugo and the pan-fried gnocchi w/ parmesan reggiano for an entrée and side.

Scallops – two large 1-sized arrived with a perfectly bronzed exterior. They were sitting atop a nice mound of oyster mushrooms. Jfood first tasted the mushroom. They were earthy and were sautéed in quite a bit of butter. Who doesn’t like buttery mushroom. Then Jfood cut into the scallops and they were perfectly cooked. The middle still had a bit of translucence and they were a shade darker than the non-bronzed edges. One only hopes to achieve this doneness at home. The flavor was fantastic and in combination with the mushroom Jfood has to rate this a 9.

Stringozzi – Jfood really like the texture of the stringozzi and the heftiness it leant to the sauce. It also had a spongy quality that was nice. The sauce itself was a bit on the sweeter side for a ragu and the lamb was as soft and subtle as a good braising. 112’s signature melted parmesan reggiano was layered on top. Jfood ordered a ½ order of the dish since he also ordered the gnocchi. Jfood would rate this dish an 8. He would have liked a little more meat in the sauce.

Gnocchi – once again Jfood ordered the gnocchi. And as he posted on his last visit, these were light inside with one of the outside edges crispy from the sauté. Again layered on top was 112’s signature melted parmesan reggiano. Jfood gives this dish a 9.

The upstairs female bartender was very nice, knew the dishes inside and out, answered questions with a confident knowledge. As Jfood mention in the first paragraph, he only wished the upstairs was a little more vibrant or he had sat on the first floor.

Jfood really enjoyed trip 2 to this restaurant

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  1. For the Midwest curious and those using the Search function: this restaurant is in Minneapolis, MN. Here's a places link.

    112 Eatery
    112 N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

    1. You're killing me.
      Scallops are my favorite food from water, and it is somewhat rare to find heaven in the Midwest.
      I usually buy the fresh, dry, scallops from our local seafood shop, but it is hard to get them perfect when you only do it once in a great while. Hence the "One only hopes".
      I find myself in MSP a couple times a year. I will make a point to try these next trip.
      Thanks, Jfood. I enjoy your reviews.