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Sep 23, 2008 06:55 PM

where to find rennet & lipase powder in DAL

I'm wanting to make some cheese - and these are two key ingredients - i called central market and whole foods to no avail

anyone know where i can find?

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    1. Have you tried contacting Paula Lambert or her team at Mozzarella Co in Depp Ellum (Dallas)?

      Anne Jones at Latte Da Dairy in Flower Mound

      Deborah Rogers at Deborah's Farmstead Hand Ladled Goat Cheese in Fort Worth - 817-821-0975

      1. You can usually find these items at an Indian grocery since they often make paneer.

        1. I found the rennet tablets in Kroger's and some Walmarts (by the pudding area). Hope that helps.

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            Kroger had rennet tablets today in the baking aisle. I too bought the kit (27.99) from Foreman's this week for our daughters school project. Neat place, nice people, but the milk would not set up with the rennet provided. Thanks to this site I called Kroger and they had it.

          2. I found the rennet tablets at Whole Foods.