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Sep 23, 2008 06:43 PM

Need recs for a group party please

Attempting to throw a gathering for 20 or so a Japanese restaurant. BYOB. When in our festive mode...we drink...a question please - how much sake and beer would I need for about this many people with bizzarly (sp?) large appetites for alcohol. Food will be served and everyone will be paying for their own but I will be supplying the sake and beer. There is a large Japanese supermarket near my home so I am hoping to go there to get everything I need.

Any thoughts? Money is a limitation unfortunately so if anyone also has recs for brands, etc. so the total won't be astronomical, that would be great

Thank you! :-)

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  1. Well I think specific quantities depend upon your mode of transportation, but some general suggestions might be:

    2 Beers per person
    6 Small glasses (2oz) of Sake per person

    If you're not driving you might increase these by 1.5 to 2 times and really have a good time.

    That should result in sufficient amounts of libation for people to drink what they like.

    As for brands, I'm not a beer guy so I can't help there although I've heard Asahi is pretty good. A relatively inexpensive sake that I think is quite nice is Momokawa Pearl. But I really enjoy unfiltered cold sakes.

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