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Sep 23, 2008 06:32 PM

Jackson Heights - Mini Walking/Eating Tour

I'm going to be taking about 10 college students to Jackson Heights in a few weeks and wanted to get some suggestions for some spots to sample different cuisine. We're going to end up at the Indian section for a late lunch. So suggestions for other types of cuisine would be appreciated.


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  1. There was a thread about students (perhaps younger, but it might be apropos) awhile ago. There are a number of suggestions for light food, etc. I'm not sure how to do create a link, but it's here: <>

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      I wrote an entire step by step tour on that. Eat at Deshi Biryani if you want a late lunch in the Bengali section (the people that actually live in the area are now Bengali/Bangladeshi. The "Indians" are mostly driving in from elsewhere (other parts of Queens, Long Island, or Jersey) for wedding shopping and such. Eat at the carts for Hispanic food as well as at the pandebono bakery on 82nd. You might want to consider a walk over to Chao Thai for some Thai food as well, but it'll be a bit trek-ish.

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        I just recently discovered a Bakery on 37th Ave next to the Stationary Store and Jahn's that also has Spanish food that's sold in the rear. Its only available for lunch and it looked good with several entrees. They have seating.

        1. re: Mike V

          What country are the owners from?



          1. re: JFores

            Justin, I'm really not certain but I will find out. I'm guessing Columbian.

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              Sounds like this place, which DaveCook mentioned earlier (and describes on his excellent blog; check out his link). Counter on the left as you walk in?

              Aqui Colombia
              81-08 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              1. re: squid kun

                If this is the right place. It has a great with condensed milk and fruit that they sell in the front.

    2. I'll suggest Tacos Guicho, on the south side of Roosevelt at Gleane St., the elotes and esquites cart, on the southwest corner of Roosevelt and 82nd, and Aqui Colombia Antojitos, on 37th Ave.:

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      1. re: DaveCook

        dave, which cholado do you like better? aqui colombia or el palacio? is aqui's cholado really $3 and el palacio's $5? what's the standard going rate? I think I'm done with asian shaved ice and moving on to the good latin one.

        1. re: bigjeff

          I'm not sure I've had a cholado from Aqui Colombia Antojitos, where the champus is $3:

          The $4 rendition at Pecas Y Mas is fine...

          ...but I'd say the $5 cholado at El Palacio (linked to in that second post) has the edge, and offers fair value for the money.

          1. re: DaveCook

            I've had both and I prefer the Palacio de los Cholados on Northern. They're both good, but the Palacio one just seemed like a bigger deal, makes you fall for the whole idea of the cholado the perfect hot weather treat.

      2. if you are going on a friday or saturday, check out the arepa lady on roos and 82nd. they are pretty much heavenly and won't fill you up. I'm not exactly sure of the hours she keeps, you should verify if you are interested.

        tip: if you are going on a food tour, don't get big meals, little bites all around. it sucks wehn you're full in jackson heights.

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        1. re: Jeffsayyes

          Is she still there? I've never seen her.

          1. re: tabs

            still there:
            roosevelt and 79th on weekends. after 11...midnight to be safe. doggone, those arepas are amazing!