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Sep 23, 2008 05:42 PM

Corporate Food Gifts...$20-$25 range

I am looking for some corporate 'food' gifts for an office to share...preferrably mail order.
ie: popcorn tins, hickory farms, harry and david, see's candy.....
w/ shipping comes in around $20-$25........

all suggestions welcome!

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  1. That's kind of what Costco specializes in. You can order online for delivery.

    1. One of the companies I deal with sends cashew nuts from Koeze for the holidays every year. They're very popular around the office (although personally I took my jar home because I looooove cashews) and a nice change froma ll the sweets we get that time of year.

        1. Don't go for popcorn factory, their gifts arrive looking incredibly cheap! With shipping you will have a hard time coming in under $25 from any of the good catalogues. I would contact a local gift basket company, and give them a budget. If you are ordering a significant number of them they should be willing to work with you. Also considr wine, if you go with a nice but smaller vinyard no one will no the price.

          1. There's also coffee & cookies.