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Corporate Food Gifts...$20-$25 range

I am looking for some corporate 'food' gifts for an office to share...preferrably mail order.
ie: popcorn tins, hickory farms, harry and david, see's candy.....
w/ shipping comes in around $20-$25........

all suggestions welcome!

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  1. That's kind of what Costco specializes in. You can order online for delivery.

    1. One of the companies I deal with sends cashew nuts from Koeze for the holidays every year. They're very popular around the office (although personally I took my jar home because I looooove cashews) and a nice change froma ll the sweets we get that time of year.


        1. Don't go for popcorn factory, their gifts arrive looking incredibly cheap! With shipping you will have a hard time coming in under $25 from any of the good catalogues. I would contact a local gift basket company, and give them a budget. If you are ordering a significant number of them they should be willing to work with you. Also considr wine, if you go with a nice but smaller vinyard no one will no the price.

          1. There's also coffee & cookies.

            1. ciaogal, you don't say to where you'll be sending these corporate gifts, but if you could find a place that specializes in food items of your local area (I see you're in Arizona) perhaps that would be a nice touch. Are there any favorite food companies in Scottsdale or elsewhere in Arizona that might work if you contact them directly?

              Your price point, however, is going to be tough to match to have enough to share within an office AND includes shipping.

              Wait - found this site - http://www.myfavoritecity.com/arizona... Ding, ding, ding - I think there might be a winner! :-) There's a link for additional Arizona-themed baskets, but this one seem to fit the bill with various food items and a price of $20 on sale.

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                I think choosing something that is unique to your local area is a great idea. We work/live in Maine and select a unique food item from our state - we've done brownies, blueberry jam and popover mix, maple syrup - to give as holiday gifts for our clients. It's a nice touch and supports the local economy. It looks like Linda has found some possibilities for you in Arizona.

              2. Dancing Deer Baking Company http://www.dancingdeer.com/
                Wine country gift baskets (have other items besides wine http://www.winecountrygiftbaskets.com/
                Pittman & Davis http://www.pittmandavis.com/Miscellan...
                Dale and Thomas Popcorn http://www.daleandthomaspopcorn.com/
                Pleasant Valley Ranch for oranges http://www.californiaoranges.com/

                for some of these places you can search online and get a coupon, or sign up for their mailing list

                1. Send gift certificates - my experiance has been that actual gifts are usually stale/spoiled.

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                    Thanks for all your help.....I usually bake cookies and hand deliver them. I don't have an expense account....and travel and gas prices have made this task cost prohibitive. Great suggestions!

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                      If it's not too late our absolute fav business gift company is http://www.winecountrygiftbaskets.com/. Your price range covers a terrific selection. The baskets always make great house planters or kitchen baskets for future use. The quality is high, shipping well done and the company stands behind its product. Happy shopping!

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                        I've used WineCountryGiftBaskets.com. While I like their selection, I once sent a gift basket to my office to see what it was like and it was more packaging than product. So I say this to caution that depending on their basket, quality/quantity may vary.

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                          Good to know. I've never been disappointed. Except with the fact they here in NJ wine baskets are not allowed to be shipped. We've partnered wine locally when the gifts arrived to the office or done w/out when we ship direct. OCAnn could you be more specific on the choices you did not enjoy.

                          The last gift basket I ordered was earlier this month and the client is still raving.

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                            I logged in to see if there was a list of items I've purchased in the past, and there was no such list (like they have on Amazon.com). The purchase was couple years ago (when WCGB.com first started their website). Unfortunately, I don't recall the exact basket....

                            Otherwise, I don't use them like I used to; I use Costco.com more frequently now.

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                              I'll have to check out Costco.com. I've been a business member for years but rarely use the website. Thanks for the tip!

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                                One more thing to add...I think the sale baskets at WCGB can be a better deal than Costco; otherwise, it's Costco (which I've used to buy food to furniture...online!).

                  2. Though I've never ordered from them, their products sound unique. Pecans and many other nuts and delicacies. Shipping is included in the price. www.sunnylandfarms.com
                    They're out of Albany, GA and only ship their pecans after the harvest.

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                      funkychunky, v chocolates, bequet confections

                    2. This bakery has some nice sweet gifts. Some are expensive but scroll through the list and you can find some things for that price!