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Eats near Plaza San Martin, Buenos Aires

arenosa Sep 23, 2008 05:40 PM

We are at a conference in BsAs taking place at the Sheraton Hotel, across from Plaza San martin. The food at the conference is really bumming us out but we have no clue where to go to find Chowhound quality eats. We will try anything, but don't want a tourist joint. Any suggestions of places we can walk to..i.e a mile or less from the plaza?

Thank you! Could be the tip that saves the trip.

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  1. Casa SaltShaker RE: arenosa Sep 23, 2008 08:46 PM

    A couple of places really close that are quite good. Filo for Italian food, at San Martin 975. El Federal for Patagonian food, San Martin 1015. For a change of pace, Indian vegetarian at Talasi, in the Galeria del Este right on the plaza (upstairs on the mezzanine floor). Decent (not great, but decent) chinese food at El Dragon, Maipu 841. Also, surprisingly, for casual local food, mostly sandwiches, salads, go to the main cafe in the Retiro Train station - it's a beautiful spot, from a bygone era, and the food's actually not bad.

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