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Sep 23, 2008 05:31 PM

2 nights at Borgata!

Spending 2 nights only at Borgata. Which is better? Specchio or Ombra for Italian? Also one night is our 30th anniversary so want something really special. Also thinking of Izakaya? Which of the steakhouses is best?

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  1. I heard that Iza was horrible....I dined at SeaBlue and it was very special.

    1. My favorite steakhouse is Bobby Flay..great!

      Happy Anniversary!!

      (Sorry, I never eat at Ombra or Specchio.)

      1. While I personally never understand the attraction of the steakhouse(any of them), SeaBlue was quite good.

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          Over the summer we had 2 dinners at Izakaya. The food there is fantastic.
          Not cheap of course. The main room with the bar is quite loud( they have a dj) but the back room with the grill is not too bad. The grill items(ROBATAYAKI) are terrific especially the lobster. We really liked the edamame dumplings but just about every dish was excellent the only dish we did not care for was the seafood stew. We did not have sushi or sashimi so
          I can't comment on those dishes.
          I have eaten at Bobby Flay many times and have always enjoyed it but it is very expensive maybe more that Izakaya.

        2. I had the best steak of my life at the Old Homestead. I tried Bobby Flay’s and had a mediocre experience. The steak was okay but the side of hash browns was inedible and was replaced with a side of fries. In their defense, we were there during a severe storm and they may not have had a complete kitchen staff.

          Don’t miss the Metropolitan for lunch or a light dinner. Their food is excellent but they don’t get the publicity or attention of the celebrity inspired venues. Their crab cake appetizer was really good as was the Cubano or Cuban Panini.

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            I also had a not-so-great experience at Bobby Flay's. I also heard the Old Homestead was far superior.