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Sep 23, 2008 05:16 PM

Anybody else unhappy with Sonoma County Meat Buying Club?

So, we have been members for 3 month, we were unhappy, I of course suggested being members again, big deal.
We have had 4 times either osso buco, short, 1 " in height
alf the length normally, osso buco of beef, again 2 inches thick, nice for marrow bonesbut I"m sorry 'bout any thing else. .
Is anybody else experinncing my unhappiness? Should I just let it go? Or is there a way for smaller consumers to feel that they are being taken care of? Your thoughts, ny boyfreind thinks I'm being stupid, but I think that now's the time to complain.. thanks

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  1. Yes, it's time to complain. Be pleasant, but firm.Think it through. Be organized, month by month. Explain your expectations. Take a look at the "contract." Probably best to to write the presiding body -- the University of California Cooperative Extension. You may have to do a little Internet digging to find out exactly which contact person is the best and then how to directly fax that person, or write that person directly via email. I think it's best do this in writing, month by month, rather than talking over the phone first. Think about what the company could do to make you happy. Or what's truly fair.. Ask for that. If you want out, ask for that. Check back via phone if you don't hear back. And remember, never take a "No" from someone who doesn't have the authority to give you a "Yes."

    1. You are unhappy with the service yet you want to re-up your membership? Why?

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        Because I think that they are good people, and the idea is one that I believe in. Any problems I am experiencing can be worked out.

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          I agree, but the only way they will work them out is if people like you who have complaints bring them to their attention. I would definitely express your dissatisfaction, and hopefully your complaints are heard and dealt with.