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Sep 23, 2008 05:09 PM

luncheon for 20 people/Israeli style

hello- looking for recommendations to do a Sunday lunch for 20 people, Israeli food, in mid to southern werstchester county..any recoommendations please?


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  1. If you are willing to head a bit south to Riverdale in the Bronx, there are a few Israeli style (and owned) restaurants in the Johnson Avenue vicinity--there was an interesting article in (either the News or Times) yesterday about a new one where they even bake their own challah on premises. Sorry, can't recommend anything in Westchester--I'd be quite surprised, if other than mediocre Jewish delis, there is one.

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    1. re: Marge

      thanks..Ill check it out.thank you

      1. re: Marge

        hi I checked both news, and times, no mention of israeli food..any help please..thanks

        1. re: intrepid

          Actually though, I think this place might be just a bakery. You might want to ask on the outer boroughs board though, I still suspect that you will have better luck in Riverdale than Westchester--good luck!

          1. re: Marge

            link not working, thanks for your help, a bakery is not what im looking for, but thanks

      2. intrepid, there are a number of Kosher/Israeli style restaurants on the north end of New Rochelle in Wykagyl area (corner of North Ave. & Quaker Ridge Road)...Prime Time Cafe...Wykagyl Kosher Deli...and one of the newest: Grill Point Kosher which is a bit more playful with their cuisine.
        Hope this is helpful...

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        1. re: gutreactions

          hi thaks, but not looking for deli, or european/jewish style, looking for israeli /mediterannean style please..thanks for your input

          1. re: gutreactions

            im thinking more like rectangles of nyc, having said that, I have a back up at the new Tarry lodge, totally deifferent thanisraeli food, indeed

          2. Myrna's is a Lebanese restaurant in Greenwich and Stamford and they serve middle Eastern cuisine. That might fit your needs.

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              1. re: eatermom

                jfood just had a falaffel at myrna's in STM. Nothing to get excited about. Lacked any flavor, bread was a little stale; service extremely slow, no compassion in the food. Every falaffel stand in Tel Aviv is better.

                1. re: jfood

                  A portion of the menu at Hilltop on Anderson Hill Road in Purchase is middle eastern, i.e., felafel, tabouleh, hummus, babaganosh, stuffed grape leaves. I think they even have a falafel crusted fish entry. Give them a call and see if this is what you are after.

                  1. re: jfood

                    Yum, Tel Aviv felafel. Don't get me started on my felafel rant again jfood. We need a great place here!

                    1. re: momof3

                      thanks to all, but im not looking for a falafel joint, looking more for something like rectangles, in nyc..thanks to all

                2. Hi. The Grill Point at Quaker Ridge & North Rd. in New Rochelle serves Israeli food. The food isn't bad, some of it I found interesting, but I don't have much experience with Israeli food to compare it to. It's certainly casual dining. The dining room, fairly spartan, is bright and cheerful, but not huge. For 20 people I would call ahead to be sure they can accommodate.

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                  1. re: minathebrat

                    thanks, but this does not sound appealing..thank you

                    1. re: intrepid

                      Maybe a better description of what you specifically like about Rectangles and what specifically you are looking for on the menu (other than "Israeli food") would result in suggestions to your liking.

                      1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                        excellent suggestion... thanks what I like is the Israeli menu, and semi cool atmosphere, thanks

                        1. re: intrepid

                          Does it have to be kosher? I have never been so don't know the atmosphere or size but have read about Turkish Meze in Mamaroneck. If you want kosher you wil not find it up here.

                          1. re: rolise

                            kosher, no, turkish no..but thanks, been to turkish meze many times..thanks

                            1. re: intrepid

                              A quick google search and it looks like the closest restos to what you are looking for are indeed, Rectangles....or this place in Danbury, Sesame Seed.


                              Otherwise Westchester and FFD seem to be quite sparse in a funky sit down table for 20 middle eastern affair.

                  2. It was a good post open to suggestions, but I think the poster really does not know what he wants...Chowhounds, just check out the original post then go speaks for itself.

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                    1. re: gutreactions

                      gutreactions, Im confused by yor response, I know what I want, it may or may not exist in westchester, i might end up going to rectangles in nyc..what is your post in response lost me..thanks

                      1. re: intrepid

                        Have you considered Zitoune (Moroccan) in Mamaroneck?

                        1. re: Westjanie

                          yes i have thanks, rectangles still the lead horse..thanks