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Sep 23, 2008 05:07 PM

Anyone tried the new Four restaurant in Portsmouth?

I've been out of town a few weeks, has anyone been to the new Four restaurant in Portsmouth on State St.?

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  1. Yes, just this past weekend. When you enter the restaurant, no room to stand, almost as small as a closet. Very small bar. We were approx six minutes early for our reservation, but took almost 10 for the wait person to greet us (in back doing something else). Gave our name an had to wait over five minutes more for him to come back as the table was not set. SImple menu, but looked exciting. Very good mixed green salad. My party of four all order the steak dishes. Not one of us could finish these dishes...all the same lament, way, way too salty. Almost inedible. Oh, our cocktail order for this small restaurant took almost fifteen minutes to get. My recommendation, not very good, poor service, terrible main dishes. I'd be shocked if this ownership was still here in six months. Pretty pathetic.

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      .....understand a bad meal, but give it time, takes some places awhile out of the gate to get things straight.

      anyone know of a menu online?

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        thanks for sharing your experience, I'll be curious to see how things shake out...I did find the menu on is the link

    2. I haven't tried it, but have heard mixed to poor reviews by those who have. Again, this goes to the great debate as to whether or not to cut slack for a place that has just opened or should that place be ready as first impressions are the most important. It sounds like they weren't ready to open, but eager to do so.

      I really like the minimalist menu concept with changing tasting menu. I hope they do well and shake things up a bit in Portsmouth, a town full of itself as well as mediocre eateries.

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