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Sep 23, 2008 04:58 PM

Have to go on a cruise, will I die of starvation?

Kidding of course. But seriously, the fam is planning a group cruise for my FIL's 80th b-day and I could use some suggestions on which cruise lines have the best food, and what other hounds have done when forced to choose between hot dogs on Lido, a 24 hr. buffet and the institutional sit down dinner. I know there are tips to be had...

(Also, not sure if this is the right board, please move me if I'm wrong)

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  1. I haven't been in a long time.

    Not sure if I can/should post this, but you may have abetter time going to:

    Sorry mods, if I should not have posted this.

    1. We've been on 3 cruises with Holland American and thought their food was way better than Royal Caribbean. But the right answers will be from the Cruise Critic boards.

      1. I've been on Holland America and Royal Cribbean and I agree with the hummingbird. But I enjoyed both a lot. I love being on a cruse ship! Very fun.

        1. I've done rccl, princess, and celebrity and think princess and celebrity are about equally tolerable. Food will be mostly bland and from a steamtable. The best hope for a CH is the ports. I've had incredable local meals by escaping the main port areas and asking both locals and ship people (not the concierge who will likely direct you to someplace safe) or reseaching in advance.

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            Good point, I had forgotten about the ports somehow!

          2. Crystal and Seabourne are both well known for quality food, but the prices are quite high. I've been on Norwegian, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean; Norwegian definitely offered higher quality food.

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              I have only been on two, and Celebrity was MUCH better than Royal Caribbean.