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Sep 23, 2008 04:21 PM

Tapas in Miami- where?

I have heard that El Carajo is not what it once was (too bad, I really wanted to try the piquillos stuffed with bacalao). Is Canela the next best place to try? What to order?

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  1. Try Casa Panza on 8th Street and 16th. Go on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday and catch the flamenco show. Try the champinon al ajillo aka garlic mushrooms or the tortilla de patatas aka potato omelette.

    1. I was at El Carajo recently and it was disappointing. Heard the chef left, and this would be a plausible explanation. Nothing was at the level of my prior experiences - in particular the previously ethereal piquillos rellenos.

      I like Xixon on Coral Way - most everything is good though nothing is particularly exceptional. I've had up and down experiences at Taberna Giralda on Giralda Ave. in Coral Gables (between Ponce and Salzedo) - the bacalaitos are very good, many of the standard tapas items are decent, and some grilled sardines on my last visit were excellent, but an octopus dish was so foul we sent it back. Canela is not terribly authentic but the food can be pretty decent.

      Here's an earlier thread on best tapas in Miami ->

      1. Meson Ria de Vigo on Coral Way (near Xixon) makes excellent tapas - I've been pleased with everything I've ordered there. My only gripe is that it has a feel of a more formal dining than a traditional tapas joint. Additionally, I think the prices are a bit higher. But if I had to compare it with El Carajo, Meson would probably be a better choice. They also have stuffed piquillos but I don't remember what the stuffing was. Hrm.

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          I've driven by this place a bunch of times and always wondered about it. The fact that we're talking about a Galacian restaurant when the topic is tapas doesn't bode well. Does the place focus on Galician food and has tapas as an aside or is the restaurant Galician in name only and just offers the usual Spanish items that appear in every Spanish restaurant in the city?

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            FWIW, the menu is available on menupages though it doesn't make it much easier to tell exactly where tapas really fit into their worldview. The Galician theme does recur throughout the menu so I suspect it is not just "in name only" ->

        2. I heard Wine Bistro (Wine bar?) near the design district has good tapas.

          1. second Frod on Xixon. I like their tapas very much (which you could get some ali-oli on the patatas bravas though). Overall they're very good, though they have some dishes somewhat more simplified than you might expect (the patatas without both sauces, roasted mini peppers without chorizo), but they have a decent selection, very good croquettas, sandwiches, chorizos, other tapas, and desserts. They also have a great wine selection and the servers are always eager to give their recommendation. Taberna Giralda is ok. I'm never quite sure what I will get from them. I ordered the patatas bravas last time I was there and received a plate of roasted potatoes, vinegar some chili oil and that's about it. They were very good, but not the patatas bravas I know. Their stuffed calamari was excellent. Wines are meager but they have several beers on tap (not a beer drinker).

            I imagine you're referring to the Canela on/near biscayne? Went once, left very disappointed with the dishwater they called soup and some less offensive but still underwhelming dishes. I'd try Delicias first. they have several locations now and are pretty good (though more of a breakfast spot for me)