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Sep 23, 2008 03:32 PM

Something new in St Louis

I will be in St Louis for my birthday in a couple of weeks. I would like to try something new for a special dinner. We frequent St Louis as we have a son in school there, but seem to always end up with Italian. Love it, but would like to try something else. We love most any type of food and love an adventure. We would not want it to be a really pricey place as we probably will have son and girlfriend with us too! We will be in the Forest Park/Clayton part of town, but don't mind a little driving. Advise???

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  1. I will say Araka since it is definitely something new! Not my favorite personally, but it definitely is different from most. Right in the heart of Clayton.

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      One of the best things about Araka is that it's a couple of doors down from Extra Virgin, An Olive Ovation - a store specializing in, well olives - especially EVOO. They always have a couple of dozen oils out for tasting, and usually some wonderful vinegars for tasting.

      As a retail store the hours are obviously different, so call.

    2. Go to The Crossing in Clayton. An upscale restaurant, they have been offering a four-course multi-choice menu for $25, along with other options for a bit more in addition to their regular menu. The $25 menu includes a starter (I strongly recommend the crab cake), a primi (some good pasta options, served in appropriately small servings), an entree (definitely get the shortribs, much better than the small ribeye or salmon I've chosen on other occasions, the pork tenderloin was also excellent when offered), and a dessert (I really enjoyed the lemon semifreddo (sic?) which was tart, refreshing and delicious). Really excellent food and service, and you can feed college-age students fine food that will be filling and satisfying for an amazing price.

      My other suggestion for a more casual lunch would be Pappy's BBQ, at 3106 Olive (where it turns back from being Lindell) near St. Louis U. The best BBQ I've had in St. Louis, served by folks who are trying particularly hard to please. Get the ribs and the pulled pork (order it with the "bark," the crispy crusty parts), and the sides are good too. Unfortunately, they stop serving when they run out of meat, so a bit iffy for dinner.

      1. How about Peruvian food at Mango - 7307 Watson Rd

        1. How about one of the Vietnamese or Thai places on South Grand? There are several just south of Tower Grove Park. Pho Grand has a nice atmosphere, good food and is inexpensive. Others that I am not as familiar with are King and I and Lemongrass.

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            I've had good and mediocre meals at Lemongrass. Nearby Sekisui, however, is one of the better sushi bars in town. (Yoshi's is my top choice, but they're out in Chesterfield,.)