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Sep 23, 2008 02:47 PM

Trader Joe's Sweet and Hot Mustard

Went this afternoon to pick up some wine and Sweet and Hot Mustard only to discover that the mustard has been discontinued. Once again, another one of my favorites has bitten the dust at TJ's. This is made in Denmark and comes in a six-sided jar.

Does anyone know who the company is/was that made this as it may be available in regular grocery stores?

I just made the recipe on for Sweet Hot mustard but it advises to allow it to sit (to mellow) for 5-7 days. Has anyone tried it? Is it similar to TJ's?

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  1. That's horrible news. I just discovered this mustard at Trader Joe's about three months ago. Which Trader Joe's store were you in when you found out it was discontinued. Could it just be a local thing or is it gone from all of the TJs?

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      I was in the Brookline, MA store. I asked at the information desk and they said what they always say, "We stopped carrying it because not many people bought it". A couple of years ago there was none on the shelf (at the Cambridge store) and when I asked about it I was told it was "a seasonal item". I drove to Brookline and they had it so, who knows?

    2. Beaver Brand makes a sweet hot mustard - packed in a squatty round plastic container. I'm in SoCal and have found it in local grocery stores and Jewish delis. It's one of my faves...hope you can find it.

      1. We were able to buy it until June of 2009 in San Diego County, but now we get the same sad story. I'm diligently searching for the manufacturer.

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          Will you post if you figure it out? I have tried to make it and have searched high and low but still no luck. Did you mean you were able to buy until June 2008? Really miss it!

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            Another fan who really misses this product. I have a single jar in my pantry that I am hoarding until I can find a good substitute.....

        2. please email trader joe's via their website. if enough customers request it, there's a chance they'll bing it back. i reallllly miss that mustard too!

          1. I was in the Chicago area last week, specifically to go to Trader Joe's (200+ mile drive). I wanted about a half dozen bottles of the mustard...............AND was told it had been discontinued!! WHAT!!? One of my all-time TJ faves!!! They told me that all items are tracked, and the bottom 10% are dropped on an annual basis. But based on the link here, a lot of folks were dovoted to it. Anyway, like some of you, I have tried to find the manufacturer. BE SURE to post it if anyone has any luck........