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Anyone have good octopus in DC?

I have been to Zaytinya many times just for the Grilled Octopus Santorini. Is there another place that anyone could recommend that has good octopus?

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  1. The last time I was at Komi they had an amazing pasta dish topped with the most perfectly cooked octopus I have ever had. Also, in Clarendon the Liberty Tavern does a wonderful octopus app. that features it a few different ways I believe.

    1. not in DC - but Cava (mezze) and Mykonos (Greek) in Rockville have great Octopus.

      1. I had a GREAT octopus salad at Sonoma on the Hill... i think its a seasonal thing though...

        1. I had great grilled baby octopus at Spezie a few weeks ago. It was one of their grilled fish of the day, so I imagine it might be seasonal.

          1. Al Crostino on U street has a good baby octopus salad starter. It is a special but seems to be on the menu every time I have been there.

            1. Komi, Blacksalt, Palena (rare, but excellent). Or get on a plane and head to Bologna Italy and get it at Beccofino.

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              1. if you're willing to try working w/o a net (so to speak), Eastern Market has been getting it on (usu.) Thursdays. be prepared to beat the <&@% out of it, simmer, then grill. 'bout $9.50/lb.

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                  Locanda, on capital hill has a good grilled octopus as an appetizer. Sometimes they have pastas with some octopus in them as well as entrees.

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                    Just had it last week at Mourayo (Dupont Circle). Nice preparation: grilled with squid ink and fava bean puree. Very impressive....

                  2. Ate at BlackSalt (for the first time) this week. For one of my mid-courses, I had the grilled baby octopus in a zesty tomato and garlic stew. I think I recall some black olives in there too. Full of flavor and spice, but not too much to overpower the taste of the little octopi. Recommended.

                    Black Salt Fish Market & Bar
                    4883 MacArthur Blvd NW, Washington, DC 20007