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Does anyone know of a reasonably priced all-you-can eat breakfast buffet? With everything you could want in a breakfast--pancakes, french toast, omelets etc?

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  1. Whole Foods on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena has an AYCE brunch buffet every Sunday, $19.95 plus tax. Includes coffee/juice, and 2 flutes of bubbly or Italian soda. They've got made to order omelettes, pancakeds, I'm pretty sure french toast, meats, veggies, fruits, sweets, all generally pretty healthy stuff. Just know that in addition to the buffet food placed out on the tables, they have a menu that you can order from, also part of the AYCE, and that's where you order your omelette, etc.

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      this buffett is no longer available!

    2. In Venice, Shanghai Red has an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet on Sunday only, I think. They have made to order omelets and tons of other stuff. It's okay - not great. The view from the patio is better than the food and so is the unlimited champagne.

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        A couple of points about SR's. The price is $32.95 for adults (unless you arrive before 9:30 AM in which case you get $5 off of that price) so I don't know if the OP would consider that "reasonably priced" or not. The second thing I recall, (or don't recall as the case may be) is the presence of pancakes. If that is a deal breaker the OP might want to call and check with them first.

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          they (shanghai reds) have it on Saturdays too!!!! I was just there last sat!!!

        2. the price is right,
          only served on sundays,
          but i haven't been there myself for breakfast:


          certainly not the quality of food that one gets when spending much more, but it price is a major issue, you probably won't be able to beat the deal.

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            Souplantation breakfast buffet doesn't have any breakfast meats.

            In Pasadena, there's Twin Palms.

          2. I was totally going to say Souplantation! Haven't had the breakfast there, but I do enjoy the salad bar. Also, Hometown Buffet does breakfast. Not sure about price, quality, or anything else. El Torito has one as well. Good luck!

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              I've gone to Souplantation for breakfast a few times know and have really enjoyed it. I think I did see bacon there, but I don't like breakfast meats so it's not something I would really notice. There's no omeletes but for the price and the food you get I'd say it's worth it!

            2. Also, if you want to spend a few more bucks, House of Blues on Sunset has a really fun gospel brunch, with all you can eat waffles, grits, biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, fruit, a bunch of salads and desserts, and of course an omelet bar. Only on Sunday.

              1. I'm not sure if it's reasonably priced, but the Warehouse in Marina del Rey is a fun AYCE brunch spot with good food.

                1. Aunt Kizzy's in Marina Del Rey has a Sunday brunch buffet, and according to their website it is $16.95 for adults and about half that for children. Now there has been some divergent opinions about Aunt Kizzy's on this board in recent times, and I think they may have recently changed locations. But with the turnover at a brunch with their fried chicken and soul food, it could be fun. Pancakes and omelettes? You'll have to call...

                  1. what does reasonably priced mean... if you like mimosas and champagne... try i Cugini in Santa Monica.

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                        Don't judge. My grandparents used to drag me there when I was a kid (they had them in Oregon) so I have a strange affection towards HB. I know it's not in the same world as Chowhound, but, hey, it is all you can eat and they do serve breakfast, which is what the poster was looking for. And their turkey, stuffing and gravy ain't half bad.

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                          Who was judging?

                          Like you, I can appreciate the niche that Hometown Buffet fills in the culinary totem pole.

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                            Granted it's low on the pole, but hey, sometimes you want a steak, other times a Big Mac, am I right?

                      2. Thanks for the suggestions! Its for my boyfriend who doesn't care about quality--just quantity! We'll look into some of these.

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                          if that is the case...hometown buffet all the way. lols.

                        2. Burger Continental in Pasadena off of Lake also serves an AYCE brunch including fresh made eggs and omelettes and (I think) French Toast and Pancakes. I liken it to a mini version of the Rio buffet in Las Vegas with the variety of food types they serve (Mexican to pizza to kabobs to straight up breakfast items).