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Sep 23, 2008 01:43 PM

Washington Post - Tom Sietsema

I used to love his reviews, and even follow his suggestions religiously for awhile. But his most recent review on the Shanghai Tea House really disappioted me. Just 1 or 2 visit onto the DC section of the board would lead him to a number of real authentic Chinese places in the area. Ans I refused to believe that he actually call the place authentic when he just retuen from China.
I'm not saying the tea house is bad, but please don't try to fool your readers by title the piece "the Real Deal" and use "genuine Chinese food" as opening line. Whenever those terms are used, "General Tsao's chicken" should not show up in there as well.
Tom, if you are reading this. I still do like you and would continue to read you. But please, do more research next time.

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  1. I'm going to say that he called it "genuine" and "real" because as he notes, it reminded him of the food he had in Beijing this summer.

    He also notes that "Ventures into more mainstream dishes make me wish I had ordered another plate of dumplings instead. General Tsao's chicken, for instance, is no better than what you find at most Chinese carryouts."

    You don't like the restaurant, cool. But your summary of his review is off point.

    What are the real places in DC, by the way? (Very seriously; good Chinese food - much less authentic Chinese food - is very hard to come by in DC.)