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Sep 23, 2008 12:51 PM

Steak and ambiance


I'm sure the city's best steaks has been discussed on here, but the threads I could find date back a while, and things change.

So, your opinions on the city's best steak house are most appreciated. Price doesn't matter too much. This is for a special occasion and we want good food, beautiful room wouldn't hurt. Also, one guest may not be dining on steak, so superb seafood would be a requirement also.

Downtown to midtown preferably.

Thank you.

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  1. IMO you cannot go wrong with Jacobs and Co. Steakhouse.

    Not the largest seafood selection, but it is there. This place has in my opinion the best steak in the city.

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    1. re: finelydiced

      Not in Toronto, but Niagara Falls

      LUCKY'S in the Casino Niagara

      I have been there about 6 times and each time; vavoooooooom:)

      Used to be called the 21 Club (very white, cold etc)

      Now it's called Lucky's
      Mahogany, leather booths, chillin' Dean Martin-type music

      I have been served by the SAME staff for a year now
      so good to know and see a familiar face when dining
      and just that, tells you a lot, if the staff is consistent, then
      food, management etc loves working there also:)

      BUT the STEAK.....great charcoal flavor, melts in your mouth and each time I pretty much finish ALL of it....seriously you should try it.....really really good:)

      Reservations 1-888-946-3255 ext. 21250

      Casino Website doesn't have an 'actual' Lucky's Steakhouse website, but they do have menu on line:

      MENU (PDF):

      Lucky's Steakhouse (Casino Niagara
      Niagara Falls, Ontario

      1. re: finelydiced

        Well, based on this suggestion, I took my wife there last night for dinner at 7:30pm. Nice music and ambience (not alot of people there), the waiter took our order and things were fine... except it took 45 minutes for our steaks to come out. My wife's filet mignon was decent, but my rib eye steak had little flavor.. (I even had to *god forbid* put A-1 steak sauce on it to get it down - my father would kill me for that, but it was that disappointing) The potatoes were cold and the service was barely existent. The only reason I didn't complain to the management was that I'm never going back to that place regardless. Next time I'll go to one of the other places in town...

      2. OK, I know it has its detractors, but Harbour Sixty is my go-to for great steak in Toronto.

        I get a kick out of the room... it has a stately feel that Gina Mallett once described as "Texan gothic" (in a good way). And it has a nice bar area. (one caveat: ask to be seated in the main dining room across from the bar)

        I've always found the service impeccable without being sycophantic.

        Steaks have always been delicious (I order mine blue rare, which is often "done wrong" but H60 handles it well). Sides are typical steak house fare, well executed. Impressive raw bar (which leads me to suspect seafood entrees would be nicely done, but I can't vouch firsthand). Knockout coconut cream pie. Portions are generous (too generous, in my opinion, we always end up taking stuff home).

        I have a full review here:

        Yes, wine mark-ups are ridiculous. If it's a special occasion we just suck this up... or we drink cocktails. The barkeeps at H60 are quite good. Actually, we always like to start with a cocktail at the bar because they ply you with delightful bar snacks like marinated feta and peppers, cheese straws and cones of crisp bacon.

        Also, IMHO steak house menus are inherently un-inventive. And they tend to be price-y if you want quality. But if you just want a big slab o' meat (and I do every now and again), I'm with deelicious as a fan of H60!

        1. For me it is Senior's - old fashioned service, great complementary starters and the steaks are very tasty.

          1. Has anyone ever been to Morton's???, How does it compare to Ruth's Chris which is one of my favs.

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              Morton's is good. Comparable to Ruth's Chris....personally I like Carmen's. The ambience reminds me of the inside of castle. Make sure you like garlic though which I do with severe reprocussions. Almost everything they serve you on the side is loaded with garlic ........

              1. re: alycat

                alycat, I don't think Carmen's is any longer in the same league as the second-tier places you mention (putting H60 and Jacobs on top, Seniors, Ruth Chris and the pretentious Morton's below)...Carmen's is old and tired, the beef no longer so tender or so garlicky as of old, the waiters frequently dismissive or brusque, the wine and dessert selections risible. I'd prefer Tom Jones or Hy's any night. Or House of Chan, a special case to be sure - but with unbeatable beef.