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Sep 23, 2008 12:23 PM


The Mets need all the help we can possibly give them. And, as a result of the dismal way they are playing, we need all the help we can get as Met fans. Which means really good food off the #7 train somewhere. Anybody have any good, new ideas - we usually stick to Argentine (Portena/Fusta), Spict/Tasty, Little Pepper, Sri, etc. this time, though, I have a friend in tow who has a "medically delicate" stomach, so the spice is out. We have gone to Chivito D'Oro a couple of times and that worked but I think we need to get out of this rut.... Any ideas for interesting, but not too spicy food? Any ideas for how we can help the "lackluster nine" avoid another season-ending swoon? Oh no, that is defintely too much to ask....

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  1. A few spring to mind.
    *Rincon Criolla for Cuban on Junction Blvd/Roosevelt.
    *Filipino food at Renee's or Ihawan around 69th St/Roosevelt.
    *Colombian on Roosevelt in the mid-80s (Pequeña Colombia, or Tierras Colombianas).
    *Ecuadorian on Roosevelt from the high 70s to 80s, like at Hornado Ecuatoriano
    *Turkish at one of the places in Sunnyside
    *Cantonese in Flushing
    *Shanghai in Flushing

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    1. re: E Eto

      One note, Eric. Tierras Colombianas seems to have gone out of business while La Pequeña Colombia has done a major renovation.

    2. Mamma's of Corona in Shea. I don't know if they will have a spot in the park next year so it might be your last chance. Let's Go Mets

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        I've asked the gang at Mama's about the new stadium a few times and they seemed pretty confidant they were getting a new spot. I can't imagine them not getting one.

        Go Mets

      2. Sympathetic magic:

        The Mets need wings, and the best wings around are at UFC.

        Perhaps having one of the champion burgers at Donovan's will help make the Mets into champions. If not, you can at least have a well-pulled pint and commiserate with fellow Mets fans there.

        Unidentified Flying Chickens
        71-22 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

        57-24 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

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          1. the food court in the flushing mall will provide whatever your heart desires