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Sep 23, 2008 12:20 PM

"Pub & Kitchen" Burgers @ 20th & Lombard – Not all that

I’ve been to Pub & Kitchen twice now. There are two burgers on the menu, the Simple Burger and the Windsor Burger. I got the Simple Burger last week and wasn’t impressed. The meat had a strange consistency to me. Then a friend sent me this link raving about the other burger:

So this week I tried the Windsor and still wasn’t impressed. I expected the meat to be an upgrade but it had the same weird consistency. The bun was how I like it (i.e. soft and grilled) but overall I found the burger and the fries to be really uninspired.


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  1. I thought the Windsor burger was excellent, up there with the Good Dog burger (though I still think the Good Dog burger is the best in the city). I didn't care for the fries much, though. The potato crisps on the bar snack menu are much better.

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    1. re: Buckethead

      I found the burger meat to lack unctuousness, richness, tastiness. It wasn’t dry and crumbly though which again to me made it strange since it wasn’t really moist or rich tasting either. The link mentions:
      “Chef Johnny Mac starts with slaughtered-ordered-cryovacced-and-shipped-same-day Painted Hills Natural Beef, and makes magic. He says he’s been perfecting this burger since leaving SnackBar, and uses percentages when creating his patties.”

      I would love to know what these “percentages” consist of but I suspect that they are using a leaner beef in the mix.

      1. re: Chinon00

        my boyfriend was very unimpressed with the burger as well (i rather liked it, but i admit that i can be fooled by good bacon). the bread was good for burgers though (and he admitted that too) and it is amazing how many people mess the bread up. i need to doa side by side comparison one day (good dog, standard tap, p&k, royal tavern, dickens inn and sketch).

        as for burgers chinon00, try out sketch. it will not be a home run since they don't serve fries (or chips, just cheese poofs), but their burgers are very good.

    2. Is it only just burgers? I am going to night with a group and wanted to know if anyone has had anything else. Any unique beers on tap that you cannot find elsewhere?

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      1. re: juice

        Everything I've had there is good, the menu has bar-type stuff (the two burgers, onion rings) as well as excellent entrees. If I remember correctly they have 6-8 taps, nothing I've never heard of before but mostly good stuff, Rogue Dead Guy, Victory Fest (I think? It was a marzen). Sample a few things from the bar snacks menu.

        1. re: Buckethead

          cool, I look forward to it . As always, thank you BH.

          1. re: juice

            Sure, let us know how it goes! My favorite thing there (so far) is the chicken and irish biscuits.

            1. re: Buckethead

              The food was good. We all had burgers and everyone was pretty happy (they only have 1 burger on the menu now, the Windsor). My friend said she liked it better than Good Dog. We got the mussel special which was good, not great. Another friend raved about the cheese dish while I had the fish mop app (almost like a white fish spread on a small piece of toast.) Tasty. The girls enjoyed the house Malbec while I drank Speckled Hen, Haufbrau original (which I didn't care for, too light) and then a Vicotry Marzen they had on tap. The marzen was the best. It's a cool spot and got pretty busy as we were leaving. Happy I tried it.

      2. The chef's mom must work at Philadelphia Magazine! Went on their recommendation, and was sorry I did. Burger was one of the worst I've had in the city!

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          They don't have the Windsor burger anymore, that was retired recently and replaced with another type of burger.