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Sep 23, 2008 11:40 AM

Canadian Chef Congress

Just got back form the first Canadian Chef Congress at the Eigensinn Farm.
The 2 day event was nothing short of spectacular.

Just curious to hear anyone else's thoughts on the event, the food and the chefs.
Also be happy to see any pics you might have from the event!

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  1. It *was* spectacular. A day later, I'm still sad that I couldn't stay for the second day!

    I've posted photos on the CRFA blog ( and apparently there is supposed to be a group Flickr pool being created, so you might want to keep an eye out for that, too.

    1. The congress was a magical event. The food was amazing, everyone was friendly and eager to talk to everyone else and Eigensinn is a special place to wander about. I had extremely high expectations for this event and I was still blown away.

      I have also posted pictures of the event & some of the people I encountered here:

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        I heard some great things from our guys who went up for it!

        I was planning to go but was feeling a bit under the weather.

        The pics are great, thank you.

        1. re: Non Doctor

          Awesome, fantastic, magical, inspiring, soul enlivening, pure energy, pure love and passion of an industry that I feel will change because of this. I honestly hope the magic that I saw and felt those two days will never go away. Workshops were great could have been a little longer they felt rushed but were great just the same. The farm as always was beautiful, I took some time to observe from afar and it was like this beautiful thing that you would hope would never end. Very magical.