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Sep 23, 2008 11:31 AM

Great Seafood

Hi everyone!

My friend is getting married in February and, being the maid of honor, I am trying to choose the location for her bachelorette party. However, I really shouldn't even call it that because she just wants us (let's say 10-15 people?) to go out to a nice restaurant and have a good time - no penis straws or hats, thank you.

She does not eat red meat, but LOVES seafood. Can anyone recommend some great places in Austin? Though I am a former Longhorn and have a couple of places in mind, the more the merrier please!!

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  1. Eddy V's and Trulucks come to mind

    1. Eddie V's downtown location (they'll do something special if you tell them in advance)
      Trulucks (but HAVE to have reservations)
      Parkside on 6th street
      avoid McCormick & Schmick's- I think it's overpriced and service isn't as good
      Finn & Porter gets mixed reviews

      1. I am not a fan of Truluck's. I've been there maybe 10 times and they are really hit and miss with the quality of their seafood, especially their king crab legs.

        They also consistently over-salt the melted butter no matter what you tell them (seemingly).

        Last time I went, I was extremely disappointed with my crab legs and mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes were cold and clumpy. Crab legs were also cool, and I did not like the consistency of the meat.

        The first few times I went to Truluck's, the crab has always been just fine, but the last few times I went I've been disappointed each time. It's not a price issue, it's a "is my food well-prepared/warm/derived from quality 'raw' materials?" issue.

        I'm not really an expert on seafood, but the few times I've been to Eddie V's, I've been pleased. The problem is, I don't have much "seafood experience" as it is.

        I've really only tried truluck's, eddie v's, red lobster, pappadeaux, mccormick, Mrs. B's, shoreline grill.

        I guess +1 vote for eddie v's from here, but again I don't know truly good/quality seafood that well.

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          I had a student in my classes who worked as a waiter at both Trulucks and Eddie V's. He'd eat the seafood at Eddie V's, but refused to eat the seafood at Truluck's based on what he had seen on occasion. He said Trulucks had superlative desserts, but that's all he would eat there still.

        2. Besides Eddie V's and Trulucks, I'd heartily also recommend Uchi and Roy's Hawaiian.

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              If you decide to go to Roy's, I think their butterfish is done really well. I forgot to include Roy's on my list of restaurants; I've been there 4-5 times and I've ordered the butterfish twice.

              The melting chocolate souffle is also nice.

              I do not like their beurre blanc. If you see a beurre blanc sauce with any of their dishes, I don't recommend it. I don't like it because I feel the wine reduction is somewhat overpowering, but perhaps I just don't like beurre blanc in general.

              Overall I think Roy's is a fine place for seafood. so I would definitely check their menu out online before you decide.

              The nice thing about Roy's is that it's an ideal place for conversation because the ambience is very serene and toned down.

              Eddie V's can get to be a little loud, particularly if you go to the Arboretum location.

            2. Eddie V's is great. Roy's was a little too overflavored and "gimmicky", for lack of a better term. Uchi is good, but it will be hard to get seating for 10-15 on a weekend night, esp. since they don't take reservations. If you want to do sushi, Musashino and Tomo are great. (Tomo might also have trouble seating 10-15, but at least they will take reservations if you book the party early enough.)