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Sep 23, 2008 11:25 AM

Looking for a dessert bar or great bakery in NY

I would like to get recommendations on a bakery or dessert bar where I can have lunch and sit around sipping coffee and eating eclairs. Any suggestions? Location is not an issue (as long as I stay in Manhattan ).

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  1. Not sure if this as serene as a nice little coffee shop but in Time Warner Center @ Columbus Circle Bouchon Bakery makes a mean (although pricey) eclair. You can sit and watch shoppers go by.

    Have you had lunch at Max Brenner? I haven't eaten there myself but I know they have lunch and are all about the chocolate.

    Might want to look into Batch or for fun desserts Chickalicious (although they don't do lunch but do dessert tasting/courses).

    Chelsea market is also a good place to people watch have coffee and some treats!

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      I think you mean p*ong not Batch. Batch is the takeout joint next to p*ong.

      I wouldn't eat chocolate OR lunch at Max Brenner. Do a search....

      I can't think of many places with both eclaires and regular lunch. Maybe Taralluci e Vino? Ceci-Cela?

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        Second that, enthusiastically. don't know if they've got eclairs, but everything else... damn.

      2. Although I adore ChikaLicious, I would not recommend it in this instance. As you said, no lunch is served there, and it's not a place to "sit around sipping coffee and eating eclairs," especially since they don't serve eclairs or, for that matter, any other pastry. I do agree that if one is looking for a small, exquisite dessert tasting, ChikaLicious is the place to have it.

        Madeleine Patisserie, on 23rd St., b/t 6th & 7th Av., has a variety of excellent quiches and some sandwiches, which make for a fine lunch. There are divine pastries (though no eclairs), tarts, madeleines, and a wide assortment of macarons. It is a pleasant place to relax with a cup of coffee or espresso along with a sweet.

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          There is a peanut butter cafe in Soho. I have family members who just went and loved it. You can order anything from a peanut butter brownie to a peanut butter ice cream sundae. Mmmmm.... =)

        2. not a big selection but the Nespresso Cafe on Madison has some sandwiches and also desserts plus amazing coffee. cool atmosphere.

          1. I like msalyp's suggestion of bouchon bakery.

            georgia's bake shop on the uws (89th and B'way) also has wonderful pastries, including eclairs, decent coffee, and plentiful / comfortable seating indoors or out. Lunch type foods are available (soup, salad, sandwiches), but clearly not the highlight.