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Campbells Select Harvest Soups

Has anyone tried these? Are they good?

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  1. No, although I found it amusing that the commercial comparing it to Progresso made a big deal about MSG in Progresso, given that Campbells is often used as an example of how MSG is common in our food - *AND* - there was some sort of fine print saying that MSG might appear naturally in some of the ingredients anyways.

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      I have not tried Campbell's however, I have been making my own veggie soups and I am surprised how easy it is-just throw everything in the pot and season.

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        It's still nice to have some canned stuff on hand in case of emergencies. I like to have a back up plan and hope someone is brave enough to try these and tell us about them. On the other hand I made a big pot of veggie soup over the weekend. It is fun and I never make the same soup twice. Who says you can't play with your food?

    2. The Italian wedding soup is really really good. I highly recommend it.

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        I like it too. The last authentic version I had was in a little Italian joint in Kirtland, Ohio. I think it had too much garlic. The Campbell's version is my only favorite canned soup.

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          Ditto on the Italian Wedding Soup. I have had some of the veggie too... fairly pedestrian, but I like them better than Progresso.

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            I agree with Chefsquire and the other two posters. I use the light version because I am very careful about my sodium intake and, nevertheless, prefer its lighter taste.

        2. I prefer Progresso. I like MSG.

          1. Don't know yet, but I texted the link in the ad and they're sending me a coupon for a free can. Stay tuned.

            I do sometimes like the convenience of a canned soup for lunch (I work from home so it's easy to heat up) but haven't found any I really love since Trader Joe's stopped carrying their hot & sour soup in a jar ;-(

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              This is the link for a free sample
              TEXT "TLC" to 467467 from your cell phone

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                It works...pretty cool! I can't believe Progresso has MSG...that's nasty stuff. No wonder, I had to go to sleep after eating that stuff. Select Harvest is my new go-to soup...especially as it is getting cold up here in Boston!

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                  But MSG is what makes it taste good ...

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                    I saw a commercial for Progresso soups last night that said they had removed the MSG from most of their soups and were working on getting it out of the rest of them. FWIW.

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                  Well, it's now almost three months later and I have yet to receive my coupon. Given the general tone of the reviews here I'm not terribly crushed, but it's still pretty stupid of them to offer something, set up an automated SMS process to promote it, and then not deliver!

                3. Had the Italian Wedding Soup, kind of bland.

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                    i find a splash of fish sauce perks up these canned soups to give more depth of flavor.

                  2. Had both Tomato Vegetable (or something like that) and the Clam Chowder.

                    Very bland and the chowder had sandy clams. Yuck.

                    No thanks, I'll make my own.

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                      I was underwhelmed by the Mexiacan Style Chicken, somewaht bland and odd texture with h the chicken

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                        I just had the garden vegetable (I think that's the one you're mentioning). Wow- it was WAY too sweet. I didn't get a taste of the tomato or the vegetables. I added a lot of pepper to try to make it palatable, but it just made it spicy and sweet.

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                          jlwendt, I hadt he clam chowder too, and I thought it was vile! It had the oddest taste which I just don't understand, good clam chowder is NOT hard to make.

                        2. Target had a sale last week ... $1.52 can (wish I had checked online coupons first).

                          Anyway, I have at least half of the 33 varieties available.

                          They are ok for a canned soup, a little fresher tasting than most with excellent calorie counts. So far I tried

                          - Light Maryland-Style Crab (160 calories for a can)

                          The crab meat is MIA. Tastes like shells were used in in the ministrone-like broth. So there is a crab flavor, if not crab. Corn is decent, some pepper pices and standard canned soup potatoes and carrots.

                          - Zesty Azteca Meatball

                          This was the first one I tried and actually was good enough to encourage me to stock up when I saw the Target sale. Again, I liked the light, fresher tasting broth. The meatballs though generous were a bit wierd ... no resemblance to meat. Very light on the zesty.

                          While this doesn't sound like a ringing endorsment, the calories are low, the ingredients on the can are decent with no super-scary chemicals and no HFCS.

                          I like to stock up on canned soup for the annual winter surprise cold/flu attack or acts of God like earthquakes. These will do. Comforting enough and less junk than most.

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                            Sadly, you are referring to (at least with the Zesty Azteca Meatball and Rice) the now DEFUNCT Campbells Select line... not the Select Harvest Line. I know this because the Zesty Azteca Meatball and Rice was my lunch about 3 days a week and now it is discontinued and has not been made part of the Select Harvest Line. I have tried several of the new Select Harvest varieties and they are all horrible. HORRIBLE!

                            The Campbell's Select was a dark red can and the Select Harvest is a white can. If you purchased the Zesty Azteca Meatball in a Select Harvest white can... PLEASE let me know and I will search more... but I think I am correct (sadly) on this one.

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                              OOPS! Never Mind... i retract my statement... I just visited the Campbell's website and it is indeed there now... it appears since I last looked (about 2 or 3 months ago) that they have added several more varieties... But sadly, not at my local stores yet...

                          2. SH Chicken noodle is salty and noodles are flabby, but it was silly of me to expect canned noodle soup to be decent. I made a big pot of chicken broth over the weekend, and have playing with that for dinner this week. So glad I did!

                            1. I tried the chicken and noodle, was VERY disappointed. I was a big fan of the Campbell's Select line chicken and noodle (dark red cans) and really expected the new chicken and noodle to be the same in a new package. What an unpleasant surprise. The soup was bland, had no flavor whatsoever. Instead of being my go-to lunch at work, I'll have to find something else. When Campbell's advertised "No MSG and no artificial flavor" they forget "No flavor, period."

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                                I completely agree... I enjoyed almost everything I tried in the line prior to the switch. Now... everything is COMPLETELY BLAND. Absolutely no flavor at all, and if I add salt, it just ends up tasting salty... no complex flavors to speak of whatsoever. It's like I'm eating hot water mixed with a little oil. (chicken noodle) If someone blindfolded me and gave me a taste, I wouldn't guess chicken noodle.

                                Like someone said elsewhere... eat the label. It probably tastes better.

                              2. I tried the "Carmelized French Onion" ... this was so cloying gross in its flavor that I after several attempts to doctor it up, there was just no way to disguise the flavor and I threw it away. I have no idea what on earth they did to make something that only has to be onions stuck in beef broth have such a weird disgusting flavor. Their regular little can of condensed french onion is at least edible.

                                I also tried the "Light Southwestern-Style Vegetable" Its definitely light - no much in the way of actual food, only broth and disolving veggies. But the flavor is decent. It is similar to the Zesty Azteca Meatball. Slightly piquante. (made my tongue burn a tad, but I'm really sensitive to anything spicy). I can't hightly recommend it, but its not bad for a canned soup. Its something I'd keep on hand for when a hurrican hits.

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                                  I just had that soup for lunch today and I agree with you. I have NO idea how they could make something so simple taste so gross! It was awful. I salted it half to death and once I started eating, the pepper took over and I was able to get it down. Cause that's all I could taste...pepper.

                                2. Oh man, I wish I had read this before i bought 4 cans. They were on sale for $1.25 each! Oh well, I hope for a $5 investment they are at least edible. I will add some hot sauce at least :)

                                  1. Okay, I finally found a passable "canned" soup. I put canned in quotation marks because it's not canned, but in plastic tubs in the refrigerated section at Costco. It's the Kirkland Martha Stewart label turkey soup, and has mushrooms, noodles, onions, and carrots. The noodles aren't overcooked and flabby, the carrots and mushrooms are in nice size chunks and bits, making it somewhat homemade looking, probably factory or commisary made, but entirely passable. It's not even terrible on the sodium or fat content, though sodium is of course not what I'd call low either. It has a good amount of protein, too, with a mix of light and dark meat. I mixed in a tablespoon of sherry and some black pepper, and found it good for a quick weeknight dinner with some fresh bread.

                                    1. without even trying them I could tell they aren't good. I used to drink their soups alot...bleh

                                      1. After having tried more, despite all the reports from salt junkies in this thread, I like these soups a lot for a number of reasons

                                        - the salt is not the only flavor

                                        I'm sorry, but most canned soup tastes of nothing but salt.

                                        - they use better ingrediants than most

                                        There's no HFCS or scary preservatives

                                        - they just taste better, lighter, cleaner

                                        The only soup I probably wouldn't buy again was the tomato basil, though if they dropped the basil I would buy it ... I just didn't think the basil was good tasting

                                        The chicken with egg noodle I liked. Yep it has all the faults of canned chicken noodle soup, but again, not salty, better ingrediant list. The noodles and carrots were a larger cut than other soups.

                                        With the clam chowder, I was feeling like the Campbell's commercial where the woman identifies the exact farm some ingrediant comes from. I wasn't that specific, but I was thinking that the potatoes might be Yukon Gold. I thought the clams were a bit on the fishy side, but I liked it overall.

                                        Yep they are canned soups. Yep home made is better. However in the categor, I like them.

                                        1. Ah, I found one person who also thinks these soups are good for the canned genre ... Chow's supertaster, James Norton

                                          "Across the board, Select Harvest soups taste fresher, richer, and “cleaner” than most of the competition, including regular old Campbell’s non-Select soups. The Chicken with Egg Noodle variety is not too salty or greasy, with delicate noodles and chicken that tastes less processed than you might expect. This isn’t chicken that comes in eerily perfect little cubes; it actually looks and tastes like bits of meat. The overall soup is too gently seasoned, but it’s soothing and well-executed for a store-bought soup. The Split Pea with Roasted Ham is even better: rich and smoky; correctly seasoned and balanced. And while the Italian Sausage with Pasta and Pepperoni is a bit weak in terms of its watery tomato-based broth, it offers a pleasantly spicy low-key burn, sharply flavored sausage, and tender yet robust pasta."

                                          I forgot to mention I also tried the Italian wedding soup which I thought was good though it could have used a little more spinach. The meatballs were ok compared to those in the Aztec soup that I wouldn't buy again.

                                          Thinking about that chicken soup, Norton is right. The chicken doesn't have that processed taste. I thought it was a little on the dry side, but didn't have that kind of slimy, spongy taste of most chicken in canned soup.

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                                            I like these soups so I've been working my way through when I see them on sale (about $1.50 a can)

                                            Keep in mind this is evaluation in terms of other canned soup.

                                            I liked the split pea more than any other canned version. It doesn't have that over-salty burn of most split pea soup.

                                            Sausage with Pasta and Pepperoni had spiciness from the pepperoni. I wasn't crazy about the sausage though since it was on the spongy side. The currly noodles were good and almost al dente.

                                            Potato and roasted garlic soup was good for a canned potato soup. There wasn't a strong garlic flavor to it.

                                            The French onion soup was ok. I honestly don't know how it compares since I rarely buy canned onion soup. There wasn't a large amount of onion, maybe 20 %.There were little bits of beef. The broth was rich and on the peppery side. I think this could be doctored up nicely with a bit of sherry, some croutons and a little cheese.

                                            The light clam chowder was actually better than the regluar. The clams are on the fishy side.

                                            There were a bunch of vegetables soups I tried. They were all decent enough. The light soups just seem to have less noodles or veggies. One was 50 calories per serving or 100 per can which seemed like a good deal lunch-wise if watching calories.

                                            What I will definately buy again
                                            - Chicken noodle
                                            - Chicken rice
                                            - Split Pea
                                            - Italian Wedding
                                            - Light clam chowder.
                                            - Some of the veggies soups, nothing was objectionable there.

                                            I have my little emergency stash put away in case I get an unexpected cold in the next few months and am too sick to cook.

                                          2. Yes, we regularly buy them when they are on sale, at No Frills.

                                            1. I've only had 2 kinds, the carmelized french onion soup ~~ and I agree with previous poster, it was so nasty I threw it out. just awful.

                                              The other was the tomato vegetable which was just fine, I will buy it again.

                                              1. Tried the Maryland Crab Soup today. I thought it tasted ok but was a little light on the crab, but my DW, who has a better palate, was more complimentary.