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Sep 23, 2008 10:58 AM

Kid Friendly Restaurants in Portland, ME

Going up for a drive from Boston in a couple of weeks and would like recommendations for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner in Portland, ME. Have searched the board for suggestions in Portland but they all seem to be "high end" or not kid friendly. Would appreciate suggestions. Thank you.

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  1. Definitely try Flatbread pizza, on the water on Commercial St: they make very unique pizzas in a wood oven in the middle of the room, very kid friendly: www.flatbreadcompany. Other possibilities: on Wharf St., in the middle of some high-end places like Street & Co and Cinque Terra, is Passage to India: reasonably priced, kid-friendly, very tasty. If you and your crew climb up the hill to Congress St. and turn left, you'll find The Green Elephant (vegetarian) at the corner of High St. Again, excellent tastes, reasonable prices.

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      Thank you for the recommendations. I was hoping for less ethnic food and more local/seafood type restaurants.

    2. Try Local 188 on Congress. They have a reasonably priced menu that will please both adults and kids, I think. Also, Aurora Provisions in the West End of Portland.

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        Thank you! My kids eat everything. I was thinking kid friendly in terms of the restaurant ambiance rather than the food.

      2. Less high end and kid friendly (although "kid" is pretty broad-are you looking for a kid's menu with chicken nuggets or do they eat real food?):

        The Dry Dock
        The Old Port Sea Grill
        Front Room
        Bonobo Pizza
        Great Lost Bear

        1. Breakfast: Becky's is a no-frills diner on the waterfront. Another choices is The Port Hole, smack dab on the waterfront. And perhaps North Star Music Cafe and/or The Good Egg.

          Lunch/dinner: If you go on a cruise with Lucky Catch Lobster Cruises (great tour for anybody, but wonderful for kids, you can help haul and bait traps), you can purchase any lobsters hauled at boat price and have them cooked at Portland Lobster Co., which has a kids menu. It's right on the waterfront, so the kids can watch the boat traffic. Eat inside or outdoors.

          Take the ferry to Peaks Island for lunch. Cockeyed Gull doesn't have a kids menu, but I'm guessing if you call first they'll be able to come up with something. Fun and easy. There are a couple of other choices there, too, that may have kids' menus.

          Don't be put off by the name, Norm's Bar and Grill on Congress Street is a family-friendly place. Very local, good food. I once watched a kid order a bowl of mashed potatoes for dinner. That's it, just the potatoes. Norm's also has a barbecue joint.

          Silly's, as mentioned above. Funky, fun. Might also be worth checking out Blue Spoon for dinner, intimate but very casual.

          1. Another good spot for lunch is O'Naturals, on Upper Exchange St. It's healthful fast food. Order at the counter. There's a kid's menu, and a play area for young ones.