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Sep 23, 2008 10:32 AM

need help locating kitchen supplies MSP

does anyone have a lead on where i can get dry ice? i need it for a cooking project - i want to make 3-minute ice cream.

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  1. this may not be the best possible answer, if you need only a small amount, but you could start by calling jason's dry ice (distributor) on charles in st paul and see if you can swing by and purchase a little bit; or find out the closest place to you which they supply dry ice to. . .

    or maybe someone else knows where to get dry ice, retail-- i guess i don't.

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    1. re: soupkitten

      Ive used these guys a lot for photo shoots.. really friendly and simple...
      have fun!!

      Shamrock Group
      2900 5th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

      1. re: jsyx

        great - thanks soupkitten and jsyx. i appreciate the leads, and i will call both places this weekend. cheers!

    2. Big Bell Ice Cream, the company that runs the bulk of the ice cream trucks in town, sells dry ice and they are on 32nd St and Snelling Ave in Minneapolis ( 1-2 blocks east of Hiwatha and 2 blocks south of Lake Street).