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Stuffed Jalapeno's

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I am looking for different ways to stuff jalapeno's. I already have the basic cheese recipe. I am looking for something else.


Mary Ann

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  1. I stuff all kinds if cheeses in mine, i keep the "scraps" and throw whatever in, cream cheese, cream cheese mixes, etc. if you are grilling, make sure you poke a hole on the bottom so the oil has a place to drip out. I wrap or top in bacon too.

    you can stuff shrimp inside, crab and cream cheese..

    1. I like cream cheese, jalepeno, and chorizo, wrap bacon on the top and stick 'um in the chili grill and grill roast until the bacon is crispy.

      1. This one from the Pioneer Woman looks good. I usually stuff with a mix of cheddar and cream cheese and a little pimiento, but I think I will try this version next time.

        1. peanut butter. but i tend to be "careless" on purpose to make it a bit hotter. yum.

          1. Garlicy mashed potatoes. Fresh figs and carnitas. Walnuts and currents. All of those are tasty. As a joke, once, I gave a friend one filled with lime and habaneros.

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              Thansk for all the suggestions!!

            2. An old acquaintance used to make jalapeƱos on the grill, stuffed with mild, white cheese and a smoked oyster tucked inside each... fabulous...

              1. Andouille and Pepperjack

                1. I always stuff mine with fresh corn, bread crumbs, and a little cheese to hold it together. Sometimes I toss in tomatoes too.

                  1. goat cheese, black olives and oregano...done on the grill. yum

                    1. I had a friend years ago that did the best thing with pickled jalapenos I've ever tasted. She stuffed them with tuna chopped with jalapenos and mixed with mayonnaise, salt and pepper, then she served them as a cold appetizer. They were just delicious. Thinking along this same line, why not stuff them with crab and a mix of cream cheese with scallion? You can grill them instead of frying them. Actually I love chilis done on the bbq using monterey jack cheese, no need to peel just cut the tops off and stuff, well you know...but adding things to the cheese, like cilantro, scallion and garlic always makes it more interesting. But now we're taking rellenos!

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                        my sri lanka-born husband fondly recalls a larger pepper (maybe like a banana pepper) stuffed with fish and diced potatoes, spiced with some savory masala, including hot chili (sri lankan ground chili pepper) powder. i've yet to recreate it.

                      2. raw- remove seeds and veins and fill with peanut butter. So delicious!!!

                          1. I mix together, (sm.)chopped chicken, shredded cheddar, shredded monterey jack, sour cream, scallions, & seeded & sm. chopped tomato. Stuff, bake for about 25min. @ 375 degrees. Fabulous!