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Sep 23, 2008 10:13 AM

Thanksgiving in Honolulu

Any suggestions for Thanksgiving dinner in Oahu?? We will be staying down in Waikiki but are game to do a little driving if necessary.

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  1. Will you be on Oahu the Sunday before? If so, buy a Honolulu Advertiser. There is a Dining section that will describe what many rests. and hotels are offering.

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      here are a couple of threads from about a year ago... much of the information is still valid.

    2. For tourists, a fun thing to do is a luau. It sounds a little cheesy but the thanksgiving feel added to a gathering of so many people makes it less cheesy and more thankful. I've heard that luaus actually sell out for special days like thanskgiving since not so many restaurants are open.

      1. Chez-moi! My friend from LA is coming to stay with me and we are doing a turkey marinated in chiles and Singha beer with a cilantro stuffing... Thai-Hawaiian Thanksgiving. AWESOME. haha