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Sep 23, 2008 10:11 AM


Anyone tried Volt in downtown Frederick, what did you think?

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  1. There hasn't been much discussion of it here. There are several comments about it on this blog:

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      Several weeks ago I ate at Table 21 and posted about it here. Last night we returned for a regular meal off the ala carte menu and it was sensational. After two meals, I have the feeling that I am eating at what will become one of the top restaurants in the country and a foodie destination, like the Inn at Little Washington in earlier days.

      The high points: Amuse bouche of a beet macaroom stuffed with foie gras mousse; shitake soup; frozen foie gras powder; cheese ravioli; tempora rabbit (the best of the rabbit four-ways); asparagus risotto (accompanying the sea bass); green apple sorbet with carmel (part of the tasting of apples dessert); and the entire coconut, vanilla, and lavender dessert. And, of course, the bread at the start of the meal.

      In addition to this, what stands out here is the staff. None appear to be over 30. Some may be under 20. They are all devoted to the chef, the restaurant, food, and wine, and you can tell they know they are someplace special. These are people who are in Frederick to work at this restaurant. They know something the rest of us are only beginning to figure out, in my opinion.

    2. We tried out this place during the last restaurant week - one of three restaurants we tried out during the week, actually. Hands down, this is the one we felt gave us the most bang for our buck. We loved everything about this place, from the building to the sweet little take-home treats to the work of a local artist gracing the walls (they feature a different local artist each month). The ambience and the service and, yes, the food were fantastic. We're taking out of town guests there this weekend.

      They did things with beets that were un-be-liev-able. And the steak? Melt in your mouth, perfectly cooked and exqiusite flavor. There was a goat cheese ravioli appetizer that was fantastic, too. And a tuna tartare starter got "oohs" all around the table. The only "eh" of the evening was the roasted chicken. A touch dry and pretty bland.

      Not sure if it's a standard offering, but, during restaurant week they offered a wine pairing with a different glass for each course, based on what you ordered and a consultation with the sommelier to find out what you like - it was very reasonably priced, and I discovered a couple of terrific new labels.

      Volt definitely feels like a special occasion place, and every aspect of our visit just reinforced that - and that includes the bar where the service was engaging and informative, and the drinks were unusual and tasty.

      It's pricey, no question. But I really felt that you could taste the quality and freshness of the local ingredients, and the helpful staff was terrific. Due to the size of the dining room, I'd strongly recommend a reservation - you'll find them on Open Table. Cheers!

      1. amazing, the 14dollar pick3 lunch in the lounge is possibly the best deal ever, the lamb burger is great.

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          I agree on the lunch. I tried the pork belly burger. Adding another item is only another 5$ too.

          I had brunch there as well. Tuna tartare was incredible, followed by a marinated hanger steak with a bernaise foam and a sous vide egg. Wow. Brunch is a deal as well.

        2. I wasn't too impressed - it is very fussy, and I thought the emphasis on foams, jus and reductions tended to take away a little from the quality of the ingredients.

          1. The menu was on paper good, but failed in execution (lacking in flavor and texture) the bar tender told me three times he thought I had a great palate and continued to serve me drings that tasted like drain cleaner. My reccomendation would be to save your money and stay away from the hype on this one.