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Sep 23, 2008 10:00 AM

Berger Cookies?

I remember seeing berger cookies in grocery stores, but not so anymore. Other than their stall in Lexington Market, are there bakeries or grocery stores that sell them? And does anyone know if the ones in Lexington Market would be fresher than ones sold elsewhere? Thanks.

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  1. They have a sell-by date on them, so always check that. Most grocery stores have them, but you really need to search for them. I know most Giant's have them in an out of the way place usually near the bakery.

    1. I have seen them in some Giants. Many Royal Farms carry the 2 packs. BJs Club carries them. There was a chain about locating them so you may want to search the board for the list.

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        The route salesmen hit a lot of Royal Farm stores, and places that sell wine like Wine Merchant in Brooklandville. Some supermarkets get them. The route is usually weekly stops. The new ones get stuck in the back of the pile. The factory sells direct for large orders like for the holidays, and they have a whole line of delicate non-chocolate thin sugar cookies like almond that are nice that are usually for sale only at Lexington Market. In DC, I've seen the chocolate ones at Rocklands.

      2. I bought a box at our local MARS supermarket last week.

        1. They sell them at Mars, and Wegman's. I've also seen them in other stores too. Sometimes they are with the regular cookies and snack cakes (Mars), and sometimes in the bakery area (Wegmans)

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          1. I've seen 'em at the Glen Burnie Costco! :) A nice big box, too.