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Sep 23, 2008 09:51 AM

Las Vegas: Daniel Boulud Brasserie?

I see that there are many people who have done a great deal of eating in Las Vegas, so I'm hoping that someone out there can help me.

On my only other trip there six years ago, I was dismissive - having eaten and lived in Chicago and New York for years, I was underwhelmed at LeCirque and wrote it off, but it seems like there are a huge number of people who certainly did not write Vegas off.

I want to stand corrected - planning a trip in October, and one of the friends going has an in at DB Brasserie - has anyone been there? Also any thoughts on Batali's restaurants in Vegas? We had a great meal once at Babbo - how do the Vegas counterparts compare?

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  1. I really enjoy DB's and the prix fixe menu for $48 before 8pm is an incredible deal.
    Wynn Las Vegas is imo, the best place to stay and eat..
    Alex is one of the best and Okada for sushi.

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      I am a big fan of DB Brasserie......besides the prix fixe menu...some of the stand out items are the duck confit, the short ribs, the pate, the raw bar........
      I have never had a bad meal.......
      If you eat in the bar say hello to Adam. He is very knowledgeable about the menu and wine list!

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        I agree with Beach Chick about DB, Wynn, Alex and Okada!

        As to Batali's places: I've eaten at B&B once and enjoyed it a lot. However, many others have had less happy experiences, in particular complaining about oversalted food.

        For detailed reviews of DB, Alex, Okada and B&B, see my site at .

      2. I've heard mixed reviews on DB. I LOVE Bouchon and would eat there over any top restaurant in Las Vegas and kinda serves the same french Bistro type food as DB. Mario gets mixed reviews but I think if you stick with the pasta, which is what he is known for, you will be fine.

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          Thanks to everyone who replied - I think that our friend is very set on DB, so we are probably going to do it, despite the raves for Alex and Okada. We just have a lovely brunch at Bouchon - so thanks for the help.

          One more question for you guys: where would you go for a good, medium-priced meal, pre-going out - someplace with a fun vibe?

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            Another rec for the duck confit at DB. Fun vibe, medium priced... try Stack at Mirage.

            1. re: country mouse

              I think Enoteca San Marco fit the bill for a medium-priced meal and also is a Batali restaurant. Food is stellor in a casual setting. I've had more enjoyable meals at Enoteca than the more expensive Batali venue, B&B.

              I actually enjoy DB more than Bouchon. Both places have excellent food. You won't go wrong there. I just prefer DB because it is comfortable, quieter and more intimate and romantic. It doesn't have the vibe of Bouchon which is fine with me.

              Alex really does blow all other places mentioned in this thread out of the water.