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Sep 23, 2008 09:46 AM

Vegas Buffet - Mandalay vs. Luxor

Heading to vegas this weekend, in the mood for a buffet, staying at the Luxor but want opinion on which hotel has a better buffet. Mandalay or Luxor???

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  1. Luxor has nothing to offer. Period. I stayed at the Luxor on my honeymoon, my first trip to Vegas and I won't go back. It wasn't necessarily a bad experience but Vegas just has so much more to offer.

    I have eaten at both buffets and Mandalay Bay is far better. I am not a big fan of buffets in general but the one at Mandalay bay is pretty good, especially for brunch.

    1. Walk across the street to Paris. Its worth the trip. The only buffet on the strip I really enjoyed (note, I've not been to Wynn or Luxor's option)

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        Skip Paris and go to Bellagio. Very disappointed in Paris.

      2. I have been to both buffets and I'd avoid the one at the Luxor.

        1. Take a trip up to the Wynn and have the buffet.Best in town !

          1. The Luxor is downstairs in kind of a basement area - the last time I went one whole side was not available (and didn't have the crowd to sustain it). I haven't been since they renamed it last year.

            Mandalay Bay is a middle of the road pick - doesn't have the crepes of Paris, or the exotic choices of others but it is a good choice. The buffet has one wall of windows looking out over their landscaping and a little bit of the pool area and in nice weather some of the windows are open. They always have the omelet station, the carved meats, the fruit, shrimp cocktail, etc. The desserts are in another area on the opposite side of the room so if you can't find them, just ask.