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Sep 23, 2008 08:27 AM

Founding Farmers, DC

We're going on for the first time in MONTHS and want to try someplace new. I noticed this restaurant downtown and its web site looks interesting. Has anybody been who can support or oppose our decision to give this a try?

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  1. I carried out from there last week. The food was very good. Salad's were fresh and huge. The sandwiches looked amazing also. My only complaint is that they put the dressing on the salad (to go) and it took 45 minutes from the time I placed the order at the bar til the time I left. I ordered 3 salads and a burger. Everyone else seemed to get their food much quicker. But I will def go back, just call it in this time.

    1. I've been for both dinner and breakfast and the food was amazing! It is light years away from any of the other offerings in the Foggy Bottom area! I have no idea why they haven't gotten more attention or press... Although I am sure they have a ton of details to work out (they've been open for less than a week), I will definitely be there again! And, the day after too!

      Definitely go!

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        Still in the "soft opening" phase of the operation. Basically that's when you unlock the doors and start doing business, but don't tell the world you're open yet. It lets the staff of a new operation get comfy and work out the kinks before a "grand opening." I would imagine that would happen some time in October.

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          Oh-I didn't know you could do that!

      2. I went last weekend with two friends to give it a try, as we all are very big on the farm to table ideology. The atmosphere is great, and our server was friendly off the bat. Being a weekend night it was relatively busy, but not packed. Interestingly enough, their commitment to sourcing local and "cutting out the middle man" as our waiter put it, really only runs skin deep, which was made painfully obvious as he set a bottle of Italian water on the table. (Which consequently made me want to ask if they actually recycle the bottles after they are empty). The cheese plate was good, but could have come with more bread. I had the tomato soup, which was also good but served without a spoon (thus lukewarm by the time I could eat it), but not exceptional by any means, as well as the small farmer salad. This is where we ran into real problems. I requested the salad without tomatoes, without avacados and with the vinagrette on the side. It came with tomatoes and with the vinagrette on it. I guess I made the mistake of sending it back, but I figured it's not that hard to get right. The waiter was slightly gruff at this point. After a 20 minute wait, the next salad came out, with dressing on the side, a few tomatoes in it, and olives. Oh wait...olives weren't even supposed to come on this salad. At this point the waiter was extremely gruff. I requested to keep the vinagrette while he got me a new one, but he insisted on taking it back as well. Fortunately the next salad came much more speedily than number two, but was missing the almonds that were supposed to be on it and came with a dressing that was not vinagrette on the side. shouldn't have been that difficult. I ate it because everyone else was nearly done and I didn't want to deal with our waiter anymore. No apologies were offered.

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          Hi Littletomato! It wasn't Italian water, just a bottle with an Italian-ish name. It is my understanding that the restaurant has one of those in-house water filtration systems that filters tap water.

          Now, I've been back a couple of times since it opened and I've had a couple of other things. Breakfast (my favorite meal of the day!) was excellent! I've had both the combo breakfasts and the stand alone's and they are all delicious. And, if you are a fan of good waffles, the ones at FF's are golden and have that lacy outer edge that sort of crackles when you cut into it.

          Their baked goods are also delicious! They have this really really good pain au chocolat. You can taste the difference in the chocolate because it doesn't leave that filmy-coating on your tongue. Yummm....

          Anyways! I must confess I am writing this up out of naked self-interest! I think FF is a great addition to the area and that they have great food, served by (so far) pleasant servers, that is green to boot!

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            AnneBird: I was curious about if it was in fact filled in house and assumed that it was not as the waiter broke a seal to pour it at our table. Also, the bottle clearly says "product of Italy" on the label.

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              Hmmm... their water bottles are all glass, and have this silver-ish (plastic?) top with a seal that kinda pops when you take it off! I was there for lunch yesterday, and the table next to me was told they did not served bottled water but that they did have an in-house water filtration system. They were also given the option of still or sparkling, and the sparkling came in the same bottle.

              I however, have not paid enough attention to the bottle to see what the label says! I know its something like "Natura" or "Naturale"... What I did notice is that their glasses say "Mexico", but it is stamped so that you can read it from the inside of the glass, which I thought was cute!

        2. I went with my husband and another couple this past Saturday night and had an amazing time. It is rare that a place exceeds my expectations, but this place certainly did. The decor was modern, comfortable but beautiful and everyone seemed to be having the best time. My husband had the fried chicken, which he loved and my friend's husband had the short ribs which he also cleaned his plate. We all split the mini burgers to start and I thought they were better than Matchbox's. My friend and I were so full at that point, we both had small salads, which were also very good and some deviled eggs. Since it was my friend's Birthday, they brought out a dessert for her (I asked for the red velvet cake) which was HUGE and divine.

          The wine list is extensive and has plenty of reasonably priced wines. I want to go back just to try each cocktail too since the one I did have was delicious and as far as cocktail prices go, not overly expensive.

          Anyway, I cannot wait to go back again. I think this may be my new favorite restaurant in DC. The service could not have been better and we just all raved about it all night and are still talking about when we can go back. I can't wait to try their brunch as well.

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            Holy big menu batman! But nothing that looks really tempting.