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La Me **** out of ***** [DFW]

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ATMOSPHERE * out of *****
Dude, this is fast food with the majority of customers ordering take out. What atmosphere?

SERVICE *** out of *****
Dude, it's fast food and it's fast. What else can I say? I'm not sure, but it looks like some of the other customers can call ahead to have vast quantities ready for them when they come in.

FOOD *** out of *****
I ordered a Viet Sandwich, called a Bahn Mi. It is made of a roll of French bread, about a foot long with your choice of grilled beef, grilled chicken, shredded chicken, or pork. The meat is not thin sliced like Subways or Quiznos. The meat is in good sized chunks. Yummy! You also get Viet sweet crunchy pickles (not sure, but they may be home-made), carrots, cilantro, and a small amount of sweet soy sauce (like teriyaki sauce). It's a good sandwich.

They also serve egg rolls. They're made of shredded pork and veggies. It is generously filled with lots of pork, unlike the common egg roll, which is made mostly of veggies. They're deep fried and crispy.

They also have desserts made of red bean, green jello, and yellow bean. Mixed with ice, it is a cool treat for a hot day. It is good. Some Viet places add water cress in the mix to give it an interesting crunch. They don't do so in their three color bean dessert.

Why the heck did I give them 4 stars?! Let's see, * for atmosphere, *** for service, and *** for food. That's an average of *** right? No, because I added a star for VALUE. In today's economy, value is most important. If I were to eat in an expensive restaurant, I'd better be getting lots of food and/or expensive stuff. Or food that's difficult to make. If I'm eating a simple sandwich or spring roll, it better be inexpensive. La Me is very inexpensive. The egg rolls are 4 for $1 !!! The Bahn Mi is $1.17 (buy 2 chicken at $1.75 and get 1 free). You get a foot long sandwich with more meat than a Subway foot long for $1.17 ?! If I didn't live so far from them (and have to burn so much expensive gasoline to get there), I'd eat there EVERY DAY !!! It would probably cost me more money to make that sandwich myself. As for the egg rolls, whoever wants to work with a pot of dangerously super hot deep fry oil at home, cook the filling, cut the filling up with a cleaver and risk chopping off a finger just to save 25 cents on an egg roll has got to be crazy. Let them do the frying, I'll just do the buying. While I was waiting for my sandwich, I saw other patrons walk up, pay, and get party trays filled with about 100 egg rolls, and walk out. Since they did not have to wait for them like me, I assume that they had called ahead to place an order. If I had a party for a dozen people at my place, I'd just place an order for some egg rolls and sandwiches. I'm not gonna do any cooking for a dozen people, that's for dam sure!!! Run, don't walk to La Me now for a filling, cheap, and tasty meal. Woo Hoo! I give La me of Dallas **** out of *****.

La Me , 9780 Walnut St, Ste 140, Richardson, TX 75243

P.S. I googled the address and it says "Richardson". I could've sworn that it was in Garland.... If this is not the address next to the big Asian Market "Hong Kong Market" in the big pot-holed parking lot, then I'm sorry.

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  1. bun bo hue: ********** out of *****

    1. Also excellent pho and bun dishes -- bun cha hanoi is great.

      1. Garland is several blocks to the east. Richardson to the north and the center is actually located in Dallas as the link to their tax roll suggests.


        I would have to disagree with you on the atmosphere at La Me. I believe there to be at least some atmosphere there while not much I have seen Vietnamese places in the nieghborhood and in Garland with much less. Also a majority of the time the women working there are very friendly and willing to help answer questions on what is being served up in the steam trays and the dessert case proximate to the entrance.

        The sweet soy sauce is actually the ubiquitous Vietnamese carmel sauce and does not have any soy sauce in it. Since Vietnam is the leader in production of fish sauce they use that instead (some would say with the superior brand hailing from an island in Ha Long Bay - Cat Hai - it really depends on personal preference


        The green jello is actually agar agar and is made seaweed powder which has a gelatinous structure to it (not lime jello)

        While the bread is not quite as good as Ba Le in Arlington (they fresh make their loaves in house) the meat fillings are superior at La Me.