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Sep 23, 2008 06:59 AM

Where can I find decent Vol au Vent?

I've been trying to find a bakery that makes a nice flakey, normal sized Vol-au-Vent. Years ago (and I mean years) Women's Bakery used to have them (along with their corn meal muffins in the orange cellophane package, but that's another craving) and the defunct The Little Pie Shop had them (craving number 2, TLPS's Eccles Cakes) but I haven't heard of a place that makes them anymore.

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  1. By vol au vent do you mean what I call gougere's? If so, they are a snap to make and I'm sure there's a recipe on Chow if not everywhere else on the net. You could try to new pastry shop in Kensington, I forget the name maybe something like Cat's Pastry shop? It's v. good.

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      Gougeres are a pate a choux made with cheese and don't have a filling. Vol-au-vent are puff pastry shells filled with something savoury.

      Sorry, I can't help with tracking any down.

    2. I get my vol au vent at Loblaws/Dominion/ the frozen pastry case...frozen puff pastry individuals with a little lid...they are great...chicken a la king here we go....Miranda

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        I was addicted to those as a child. I would eat the filling first and then peel off layer by layer and save the cap for last. I imagine french bakeries like Ma Maison or St. Honore may carry them but I can't imagine liking fresh ones more than my frozen nostalgia!

      2. Rahier on Bayview has them sometimes frozen. Call ahead to see if they have any in, I think they make 2 different sizes.

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          I forgot about Rahier. They make an excellent bouche de noel