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Sep 23, 2008 06:38 AM

Fall Festivals? What's best on LI & in NJ?

Looking to enjoy this great weather and attend a couple of Fall Fests with friends in Suffolk County, LI and Central Jersey...any suggestions would be most appreciated...Sept-Oct-Nov....
Thanks very much!

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  1. There is a harvest fair in the village of Riverhead on Sunday, October 12th. Lots of crafts, harvest, steam engines, snacks and rides for the kids.

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    1. re: Fred19

      Thanks so much! We will definitely look into this!

    2. There is the Huntington Festival - Oct 10-13 and while not in suffolk pretty close to the border- the long island festival at the Old Bethpage Restoration Village - this weekend.
      The Huntington one is pretty large and pretty typical with all the expected vendors and then some. I have never been to the LI one (going this year) but from the website it looks like a real fall festival (with animal judging!) There is also the 1st annual international food festival in copaigue (sp?) this weekend I would expect Polish food at least.

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      1. re: MrPhil

        Excellent! Husband & I grew up in the Dix Hills/Melville area so this is great.
        Thanks so much for your ideas!

            1. re: GCGuy

              It seems to get bigger every year, some of the food and the location are great, but I feel it's getting more like the Huntington Fair.

      2. The NY BBQ and Food Festival is part of the Sayville Fall Festival and is being held in Gillette Park (Sayville) Oct. 25 and 26.

        Food demos, competitions, vendors, kids costume parades, etc.


        1. Chowderfest down LBI in Southern NJ.